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I posted a "clip" recently regarding being dianosed with thyroid cancer, having a total thyroidectomy, cytomel, and now this is an update.

I have seen an endocronolist recently, stopped taking Cytomel, and will have a thyroid scan this week to determine cell activity and have the radioactive process. I will return back to the endo next week to be placed on Synthroid.

Currently I am very hypo due to the test that will be performed this week. I have alot of edema, feeling bloated, tired, muscle aches, weight gain, etc. Hopefully, this will improve after being placed on Synthroid. Do any of you have positive things to share about your Synthroid experience? I also welcome any negative experiences as well. Thanks for your input.

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Ask your endocrinologist about something called 'thyrogen.' When I had my first scan post thyroidectomy, I too was taken off synthroid, put on cytomel, and then taken off meds completely for a few weeks before the scan. It was pure hell because I was so tired and it took a long time after for me to readjust. With thyrogen, you do not have to go off of your synthroid when getting a scan...only get 2 shots. This way you do not experience the terrible symptoms of being hypoactive.....it is every bit as effective as going off of thyroid meds and that much better for the patient. Your symptoms will improve after being started on synthroid but you should be aware that it takes 6-8 weeks for a dosage to make a difference and level off in your system. Make sure that the dosage increase is step by step and slow...that way it increases the chance of getting the right dose and minimalizes the chances of you getting hyperactive and having the cardiac symptoms of heart racing and such. Take care-

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I also went through hypohell. Synthroid does make me feel like my old self just a little high strung and my hair is thicker:) If you ever have to go off your meds again I would dff. ask about thyrogen. I also went that way and it was much, much better - 2 shots in the rear and no side effects.
Hope you are feeling better

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I am feeling some better. I will definitely ask about the thyrogen. I have been told that I'll need to have a body scan for about 4-5 years just to make sure there are no cancer cells. So, I'm to go hypo again in February.

I'm trying to diet and get some of this weight off. I guess I'm up for a big challenge. Thanks to you both for your replies to this posting!

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might want to check into armour thyroid instead of synthroid. surgery and on synthroid since 1994.....just recently started armour and supposed to have t3 which synthroid does not have

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