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Not a diagnosis yet,,,,wondering

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how many of you were first diagnosed? I am a breast cancer survivor of 10 years. I am 44. I decided to be pro-active and asked my OB/GYN for a pelvic scan of ovaries just as precautiounary. Lo and behold my ovary is enlarged...no mass was seen. MY OB wants to do a laproscope and probably remove this ovary. I'm scared and numb at the moment. Are there other tests I should ask for? I'm assuming the CA125 would be good too.
Any thoughts on "enlarged ovary?"

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The CA125 is a good place to start but keep in mind that it is a rather imperfect test. I had 1C ovarian clear cell carcinoma and my CA125 was not elevated. Unfortunately that is not a particularly good diagnostic for me. There are other reasons that ovaries can enlarge, but by all means find out what is going on. On the bright side, if it is cancer it has probably been caught early and is much more treatable. I understand that PET scans are good diagnostic tools for ovarian cancer but I live in an area in Alaska that does not have PET scan options so I have never had one.

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I was diagnosed during major surgery. If it is enlarged, I would say get it out and with your history, I might say take them both. I do know that Ovarian Cancer and Breast Cancer can go together. My oncologist says when your through with something get rid of it. Your ovaries are probably still working some, so keep one but get rid of the enlarged one. It is totally your decision but ovarian cancer is nothing to play around with. I wish you the very best and I pray that it's not malignant. Good Luck, Paula

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