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Painful to eat, No Stomach

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My wife had her stomach removed.
She know has her esophagus connected to her Intestine (Jejunum)
She was on tpn in her artery for 6 months and could still not eat.
She was not getting the proper nutrition from just the tpn.
She could not eat anything without being extremely ill.
Her original surgeon insisted that all was ok and could not figure
out why she could not eat.

We went to another hospital for a second opinion.
Surgeons at the University of Michigan hospital (rated in the top 10 in the country) did find that she was left with holes in some of the connections where previous
connections were.
Also her intestines in her were wrapped up way to tight for even liquid
to travel freely.
The U of M surgeons corrected her issues and put her on a feeding tube from
her intestine (Jejunum).
The problem is that she is instructed to eat 8 little meals a day if she can, like grazing.
But still stay on the feeding tube.
My wife says it still hurts a lot and she is still throwing up the liquid food that is
pumped in her tube.
She is not on any kemo, They cought it well in advance, but removed the stomach for saftey.

I would like to know if the pain eventually goes away and are you able to eat.


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hey--my dad had part of his stomach removed in 2000 but the cancer came back in 03 and the tumor was blocking the opening to his stomach so that nothing could get through--the smallest amount of liquid would come right back up and he constantly had to spit, throw up bile etc. because it had nowhere to go.he had the j tube for a long time and my mom basically poured ensure type drinks in it. he lost alot of weight and had no strength(physically) eventually the j tube stopped working and he was put on tpn which was through his port. they tried unsuccessfully twice to put a stent in to allow him to take some food and drink so that was a huge let down-this particular cancer is extremely cruel i think because of the eating and drinking issue. i dont guess the stent would pertain to your wife since the entire stomach was removed--never hurts to inquire though. i will keep you and your wife in my prayers. betsy

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my mom has stomach cancer,she couldn't eat either. Somebody from new york suggested me that i should try BIRM.she taking that 3 times a day and getshungry and at least she eats little by little throughout the day. maybe you should try birm too

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Hey, my grandfather had stomach cancer he said 90% of his stomach removed.. he couldnt eat at all sometimes he would eat soft foods and he would still get sick it come to the point where he couldnt sleep in bed we had to get him a special reclineing chair for him to sleep in... there are drinks that if u drink it they will get u the Neutritions you need i think they are called Booste im not sure but i think thats what they are called if you go to a pharmacy they usually have them... good luck!

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My mother had her stomach removed in March and is having very similar complications...so I can certainly relate to your frustration.
The one thing we are beginning to realize is that her diet is the key to stabilizing her and that sugar is her worst enemy.
Have you found a diet that works for your wife?
If so, I would love to hear any advice you might have or maybe share some ideas with you.
Best wishes, Mullygator

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I had the same problems with cancer and no stomach (not the holes). Try eating NO sugar. Many things have sugar in them. Read labels. White flour turns into sugar after you eat it.
Don't eat and drink at the same time. Have a 30 min break between eating and drinking. It works for me.

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