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brain metastic

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I would like to hear from any people who have had brain tumors treated. I am just finishing the whole brain radiation treatments. Now I'm going to have either the gammma knife procedure or cyber knife. I would like to hear from anyone that has had either of these done. It's so hard to decide which way to go!

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Hi Swanny, my dad has brain mets also is now having whole brain rad. still has 2 more wks of rad. How are you feeling after having rad.? Also my dad recently lost his voice has 4 lymphnodes pressing on left vocal cord, did the rad. work for you? Hope all is well! Kodi

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Hi Kodi - I had 20 full brain radiation treatments, the last on 9/12. Between starting the steroids immediately and the radiation, my awful headache went away quickly. I had also had a few times I fell and that stopped the first day. I guess the worse part of the radiation for me is being so tired! Consant fatigue. Also my head feels 'full'(hard to describe). Now I have to have either the gamma knife or cyber knife procedure. Hope your dad is feeling better. Swanny

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hi swanny,
my husband has stage 4 nonsmall cell lung cancer with mets to the brain and also to the bone. he had gamma knife done on the brain tumor in january...all went well; he had a checkup in august and they found three more small tumors and also had gamma knife on them in september. he had no problem with the gamma knife at all. we won't know if there are any more brain tumors until next month at the check up. Good luck and you are in my prayers. lynn

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