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We do win sometimes...

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In one week I turn 43...diagnosed at 36 with stage 3 rectal cancer. Did preoperative chemoradiation (lovely!), surgery, then 6 months of 5-FU (FU-2). Could barely believe that I got through it, then wondered how I would get by the ensuing years waiting to see if I survived or not. Well, I did...and thrived. Picked up and moved out of suburban life and back to my old hometown. Life is not always a dream...but it is always beautiful. Got all three kids (7, 10, 13) off to their first day of school for the 7th time since my diagnosis. Every event is a victory and I savor them...for a minute, before life swallows me again. We do lose the battle sometime...but I did not, and everyone here has that chance! Live Strong survivors!

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God is Good!
Congratulations and keep living everyday to the fullest.
It is nice to hear success stories. Makes days a little easier to cope.
Thanks and GOD bless you and your family.

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Thanks for that....we need constant reassurance that this thing can be beaten.


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Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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Yes. we do.
I am going in to surgery tomorrow for rectal cancer and I know I will win. I am 34 and have a five month old baby. I cannot wait to see her off to school the first day and help her move in to her dorm room at college. I pray for that. Thank you for your story.

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Thank you... your posts are always so positive and upbeat. We are honored to have you here.

We must all remember to treasure every moment. At times I forget that important lesson. Another reason this site is so amazing... keeps me grounded. j

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You are an inspiration for all of us and give us all hope that it does get better and that there is life after cancer. Life does go on and it can be good. Thanks for sharing your story.


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Live strong- awesome - I smile with you!!!

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Congratulations, Runner! Your story is an inspiration to us all. Keep running and surviving!



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