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Scan Results

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Good Morning,

My dad got the results of the MRI for his back and the abdominal CT scan. The MRI shows no cancer in the back which conflicts with what the PET scan showed in July. The Oncologist said the only thing he sees there is arthritis. If that's the case, why did it light up in so many places on the PET scan. I would say it was because this second round of chemo worked but it apparently didn't because the abdominal CT scan shows growth in both number and size of tumors on the liver. The oncologist said the Folfox did not work this time. He said there was minimal growth but growth nonetheless. He started my Dad on Camptosar yesterday but could not start Erbitux without the Ins Co. approval which he promised my father he would do everything in his power to get. Well he called last night and said he got the approval. Thank God. My father was so relieved. He will start Erbitux next week. He will receive Erbitux every week and Camptosar every 3 weeks. Has anyone had this treatment? Does that sound like the schedule you were on? Did you have anything else along with the Camptosar & Erbitux? How did it work for you? I know I have alot of questions but I feel like we are starting all over again and I know very little about the treatment. He had bad stomach cramps during the treatment and again last night. They said it would be a side effect he might get. Does anyone have suggestions for treating them? My Dad was very uncomfortable and I hate seeing him like that.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best Wishes,

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Sorry to hear that your dad has had growth on his liver mets. I hope that he has success with this next line of treatment. My mom started Folfiri today too without Erbitux and the main side effect her onc. talked about is diarrhea. Her onc. said Folfox oftern times doesn't work more than once so maybe they will both have success with Folfiri. Talk to you soon

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