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hyper and depressed

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I can feel that I am hyperthyroid and I think I am going crazy. I am having a hard time dealing rationally with life and my husband. Other than medication and divorce, what options do I have?

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Discuss your symptoms with your doctor, Golden. If you are at low risk for persistent or recurrent disease, it is possible they will let your TSH rise a bit.

The 'old' standard used to be .10 or lower for us. Now, many doctors are targeting .10 to .50 for TSH ranges, and, if you are having difficulty with hyper symptoms at suppression TSH levels, they may even suggest letting yours rise to the 1.0 range, if it is safe for you.

Other alternatives? Medications are the first recommendation - they 'dull' the hyper effects. Beta blockers or a mild antidepressant often helps. Other than that, I would suggest staying away from ANY kind of stimulants - caffeine, colas, chocolate, etc. You may want to try meditation; some have had some success with acupuncture. I would also consider herbal products, with your doctors consent, though, as many of them can interact with thyroid hormones.

Lastly, make certain you know exactly what your TSH is. Some things will cause your TSH to change unexpectedly, including changes in estrogen, testosterone, etc - there is some good information on this page:

The anxiety is very normal with hyperthyroidism - in those of us without thyroids, this is called 'thyrotoxicosis', if you want to search for more info on the web. This article discusses anxiety and endocrine disorders - search for 'thyroid' on this page, too, for more info:

Hope this helps a bit. You are not alone, this happens to a number of us at suppression levels of hormones... all the best to you.

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