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Esthesioneuroblastoma small cell

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My wife was recently diagnosed with small cell neuroendocrine tumor and since it originated in the nasal cavity, the pathalogist believes it to be Esthesioneuroblastoma. Her cancer has also spread to the bone and she has recently finished her first series of chemo with Cisplatin and VP-16. She will have her 2nd series in about a week and her oncologist is adding Ifosfamide to her treatment which will require and overnight stay at the hospital. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could respond with any information regarding this type of cancer as well as any experience with this type of prescribed chemo regiment. Thank you.

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my ex perience with cisplatin was masked due to heavy dose radiation,(thank you dad for being aguinea pig those many years ago), but i recommend zofran for any nausea. it worked really well for me. you'll find that she has no energy to do anything because the treatments make her feel "not well". personally i suggest war won ton soup. goes in easy and if its well made its very tasty. get it from a place with no english menus if possible. of course its basically stuffed dumpling and vegetable soup so you could keep yourself occupied in making it.
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