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New to CSN and a little afraid...

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HI there... first I'd like to send out my sincere hugs to you all. I might not have a definite diagnosis as of yet but I sure can relate to the fears and worries you may have experienced at one time or another. I guess I came here looking for some reassurance, insight or some sort of explanation to tide over my nerves. :-/

A little background... I am 32 (as of Sept 7th). I have 4 living children but suffered 5 miscarriages in the past. I had an abnormal pap smear (a-typical squamous cells of undetermined significance) 6 years ago while pregnant. They did a coloscopy (sp) that appeared ok. Since that time I had 2 more births with no abnormal paps. More recently (over the past 2 months) I have been experiencing bleeding after intercourse. I went to see my general practitioner to have a pelvic/pap exam being that I have not been to a GYN since the birth of my last child 21 months ago (insurance reasons). I made sure that she did clamydia and gonorrhea (sp) tests just to rule them out. As of this moment, I have not gotten the results of the pap yet (for abnormal cells) but the other smears for STD's etc.. were negative. I was also sent for a pelvic ultrasound which included a trans vaginal one. As it stands, the ultrasound results noted a "prominent endometrium". My GP said that it could be "possible endometrial hyperplasia".

Mind you, I am very new to all of this... I have only read info online (which isnt always the right thing to do) but I am very anxious for answers and insight. I have been referred to a GYN to review the findings and to have an endometrial biopsy done. Unfortunately, my insurance has ended and I am looking for other means to have these tests done. I may have to wait 2 months for my new insurance to begin. In the meantime, my nerves are rampant and tension is high. :-(

I think most of my worry comes from the fact that my fathers mom passed away from uterine cancer, his sister had cervical cancer and my mothers sister also had cervical cancer... all this weighs on my mind something fierce.

It could be nothing, but my symptoms are very unusual for me. Besides the bleeding after intercourse, I also have very heavy periods. They last about 7 days and for the first 4-5 days I find myself using both types of menstrual protection (highest absorbency) at the same time to prevent leakage. As of late, I also have some clotting too. I find that once the majority of clots release, my bleeding slows down tremendously but this usually happens in the last 2-3 days of my cycle.

I'm sorry if I have written too much, I dont mean to be a burden... I am just very worried. Does anyone know the hyperplasia-to-cancer statistics? Meaning... what are the chances that this could be at the bad end of the spectrum?

Thank you so much for reading, if you have gotten this far. If anything, it feels good to voice my concerns and my fears... sort of a release of emotions if you will.


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Hi Melanie,
Ah, the unknown and the worry that comes with it. My heart goes out to you....I had a form of cancer called choriocarcinoma
which is like a pregnancy turned to cancer. I don't have any answers for you, but I would like to tell you about a wonderful
website called Hystersisters. They have a message board (look under Cancer Concerns) that is wonderful. The people who post aren't doctors or experts, but women who have been or are currently dealing with cancer or the possibility of cancer. Best of luck to you, and know that if you ever need someone to talk to, you can e-mail me....


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Oh, I fully understand the fears. I also had a Choriocarcinoma (sp) aka Gestational Trophoblastic Disease. I was 16 at the time. My GYN did something a bit abnormal, he did not do a full hysterectomy. He left both ovaries, 3/4 of the uterus, and one tube connected. I underwent treatment. The methotrexate and Leucovorin did not work for me. So, the used Cisplatin and Vepesid (nasty stuff). But I got ok. Several years later, I gave birth not once but twice to two healthy children.

The fear is I think the worst part of it all. I'm going through it again now, there's a chance that I could have AML. One of those little things that they don't tell you about the chemo. *smile*

I know I found this thread late, but I truely hope that all goes well for you.


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Hi Melanie,
I am also new to CSN. I am a 32 newly wed mother of 5. I recently found out that I have stage 1B2 cervical cancer. My tumor is 6cm in size. I had a surgical biopsy & a cystoscopy done a week ago, and I am waiting results.

My husband and I (married in April) and have been trying to have a child together, we both have children from previous marriages. I had been heavy bleeding for a couple of months, and finally went to see a GYMO to hopefully help us get pregnant. He was shocked when he found the "enormous" growth, and gave me the horrific news. 2 days later I had my appt w/ the oncologist who just confirmed. I had surgery 4 days later. All of this happened in 1 week.

I have many friends and family who are being very supportive, but nobody really knows what I am feeling every second of every day. The fatique, the depression, the sadness, the uncertainty...and the WAITING. The past week has seemed like a lifetime. I read your message and wanted to respond because I felt like we had a lot in common. We're the same age, we both recently discovered Cervical cancer, and we both want answers that don't seem to come fast enough. Meanwhile, I sit here knowing that there is something invading my body, and I have to WAIT to get rid of it. My whole world has been turned upside down. My marriage is suffering, my kids are worried, and I have no answers. Please, if you find the time, let's talk. I'm sure we could both use a friend who knows what we're going through. Take care and God bless you.

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I have no idea how often you check this however I had the same symtoms. I ignored them for 7 years until March. When suddenly it took a turn for the worst. I was diagnosed with Cervix Cancer and chose at that time to fight it alternatively. I started Vitamin C drips high powered supplements and laetril in June. I could not imagine not being able to have more children especially since I found someone with whom I want to spend the rest of my life with. I do have 2 children 15 and 11 however. I needed to know if it was possible to be successful fighting this horrible disease alternatively. I was doing extremely well the tumor that encompassed by entire Uterus passed 8 weeks ago. I created a salve to stop the bleeding which occurred daily. I cut out all dairy, fruits and animal products. The bleeding would only become worse if I ate something poorly. Suddenly however 3 weeks ago my body turned against me. I could not stop the bleeding at all. My alternative doctor told me about a mineral called Cesium. He said there are studies that have been proven to cure cancer. As a last option I decide to try it. Within 2-3 minutes the bleeding stopped entirely and did not come back for 6 hours. I took Cesium and Potassium again and continued taking the minerals every 6 hours for a period of 4 days. I have since slowed down the intake and now I am at 2 tablespoons a day. My diet now consists of Seaweed (Kombu), Ezkiel breed, greens, eggplant, wheat grass and Nettles tea. I am also taking a product called vibe. I must tell you I feel amazing. I never thought that I would ever have energy again. That day has come and if I haven't mentioned this before I have stopped the bleeding entirely and at this point passing strange white tissue. I do not know if this is the renants of the tumor or if my cervix is actually healing. I will let you know in a couple of weeks after my next appointment with my Gyno. Good luck to you. I just wanted share my journey. If I can help in any way let me know.

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Whole food nutrition is the answer that we are all looking for. Go to www.wholefoodhealthnut.com and read the research and listen to the videos. This is honestly a life changing product. It has helped my whole family

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