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find doctor in new york state area?

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My mother has a mass on one ovary, and the radiologists/gynecologists can't determine from the ultrasounds or MRIs what it is; whether cancer or a fibroid or a nonmalignant tumor or something else entirely. Their solution is a full hysterectomy. The doctor they offered her for a second opinion is in her gynecologist's office. Does anybody have advice on how to find a specialist in New York State? Like a radiologist who is an expert in telling the difference between the different types of masses, or a cancer expert who might first try more exploratory methods? She's in the Capitol District, but anywhere in NYS is paid for by her insurance. Thanks!!!

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The Society of Gynecologic Oncologists has a website called the Women's Cancer Network (www.wcn.org) that has a "Find a Doctor" function. It should give you doctors to try, and you can "search for a related specialist", also.

Best of luck to both of you-I'm sure she appreciates your advocacy!

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You can go to the library, look in the Top Doctor's book. There is two Top Doctor's book: Nation and Tri State Area. Also go to the internet and lookup doctor info. If you can go to NJ, there is a really good Dr. from Hackensack, Dr. Smith. Wish you the best.

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I had two large masses on both ovaries and received a full hysterectomy but it saved my life for my five year old daughter and my husband. BUT I had an excellent surgeon. Make sure the doctor who performs the surgery is an oncologist. They have more experience. My oncologist is Dr. Fatahi at the Women's Comprehension Center in Manhasset L.I. on Northern Blvd. Tell her Carmen recommended you. :) God Bless!!!

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I am going to echo the statement "Make sure the surgeon is gyn/onc so if she has and that is IF she has cancer the Dr knows what he is looking at and is specialized with gyn cancer.

Keeping you both in my prayers. Let us know how everything comes out.


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