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Mom just diagnosed

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New to this! My mom was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is 78 and is having surgery on Wed. Her CA-125 is 262. She has had 2 CT scans, bone scan, 2 ultasounds and an internal ultrasound. We have been told that according to the CT's her brain, bones, liver, pancreas, lungs, etc are clear. All reports have said no metastsis found. They sent her for a biopsy on her ovaries only to find out there was nothing to biopsy because there were no masses or leisons on the ovaries. The internal ultasound showed a mass in her right ovary. The doctor said nothing about her left ovary. She has had fluid drained from her abdomen 2x. Both times it had cancer cells in it. They have mentioned chemo but I'm not sure if mom will do it. She is 78 yrs old. Just wanted some input from anyone! Any info would be really appreciated! I'm so glad I found this site!THANKS

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I'm so sorry to hear your Mom has cancer, but so happy to hear the 'clear' call for other areas. If it is confined to one ovary that is very good news. This is so similar to my case. My prayers are with you, Mom and everyone. Please keep us informed.

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Chemo for OVCA is not as tough on women as it used to be. If she has a low stage of the cancer, and the docs think she can tolerate it, I think it's worth a try.

Have the doctors said anything about problems with her surgery related to her age? My father in law had a bout of delirium after his surgery that scared the stuffing out of our family, and while it's a common effect of geriatric surgery, his doctors forgot to inform the family! He has recovered from his surgery and is doing well now. The delirium was a temporary thing.

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I am also sorry to hear about your mother's diagnosis, but hopefully it can be treated successfully. Reactions to chemo can vary greatly. I met an 86 year old woman who recently successfully underwent treatment for advanced ovarian cancer! Actually studies have shown that if an older woman is offerred the same agressive treatment as offered younger women and she is in fairly good health, they have very similar responses to treatments. I cannot tell you that treatments will not make her sick. I was very sick from treatments and I am much younger than your mom. Other women were able to work throughout treatments. We are all different and react very differently to the chemo as far as side effects are concerned. Best of luck for you and your family. Having a loving and caring daughter like you can only help.

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Mom had surgery tonite. Did not end up taking any female organs out. Now don't think there is cancer in ovaries. Peritonium was removed because it was cancer. Now we are confused! Why wouldn't the ovaries be cancer? They feel they have taken out 75% of the cancer. They took out right tube and said it did not look like cancer. I'm wondering if they are trying to soften the blow or what. We are just all really confused now. Anyone with any experiences like this?

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