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Thanks for the prayers/adhesions

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Hi all! Just wanting to say thanks to all who kept my hubby in thoughts and prayers last week.. It did turn out to be an adhesion/scar tissue wrapped around his colon near where he had his resection. They just "freed" it and he finally came home today. Thank You God! Thise NG tubes are propbably the worst part of his stay besides the pain of the incision. He had it it for almost 9 days!!! Poor guy and course now I gotta fatten him up again. Lots of followups to sched. tomorrow... Anyone know of a post op pain med. that doesnt have oxycontin or oxycodone in it? (percacet)? Hubby freaks out on this med. and starts seeing things. I didnt see till we got home, that that's what they gave him for pain and I could bearly live with him after the liver surgery when he was on it (ie; he gave birth to 9 puppys, went swimming on the roof, yelled at me for letting our 5 yr old smoke cigarettes, etc) I hope to talk the surgeon into giving him something else for his pain... just wondering.. Thanks again for thoughts and prayers!

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