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Question for Betsydoglover

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Hi Betsy, I have been reading some of your post regarding you will recieve Avastin alone once you finish your other chemo. No disrepect to you or your Doctor treatment but my doctor Oncologist told me that I couldn't recieve Avastin alone because it works better with the other chemo drugs(example Folfox & avastin). I missed about 7 doses of Avastin because I had a perforation from a previous accident during my colonoscopy. He said he checked around and said I couldn't have it but it took that long to find out. I asked him to give the 7 doses alone and he told me that it wasn't recommend. I was wondering if anyone else had this situation that I was in. I will see him next week and ask him again. I know every Oncologist is different. Livin

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My oncologist, as well, is planning on giving me a full year of Avastin alone after my FOLFOX with Avastin chemo regimen is over next month. I can ask him about his reasoning next week when I'm in there.

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Avastin does work better with oxaliplatin and 5-FU/Xeloda. I have definitely heard my oncologist say that. When I have appointment next week and we discuss the pros and cons of 4 vs 6 treatments, I'd planned to further pursue this Avastin alone discussion. I know she has been talking with one of the original Avastin researchers at Georgetown and also with some doc at NIH and I am anxious to hear their theories.

I'll post what I find out.


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Thank you Betsy and BB for your replies. Livin

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