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Was Cancer now What?

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Hi friends, well I got the dreaded call on Friday the day after surgery that what they removed was cancer. The colo/rectal surgeon called me right away which I thought was nice and not make me wait all weekend. I hope I can explain this the way he explained it to me and my husband. He said the spot itself was so tiny and still on the surface that he treated it just like I was a new patient with a T1 tumor I believe. It hadn't invaded any muscle or tissue yet. Of course the only word I heard out of it all was cancer and was so upset. He kind of explained it to me like he is stumped as to what to do next. He feels like he got it all with clean margins. I asked him now what?? Will I need more chemo? What will they do now? I asked him all of these questions. He said he is gonna have to think on this one and present my case to the board on Thursday. My oncologist called me on Saturday and he sounded like he didn't know what to do either. What do you all think? I really don't want radiation again. D ~

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Ahoy, Doreen -

You gotta be pretty smart to stump two docs! The good news is that they haven't adopted a cavalier attitude and they are giving your case some serious/special consideration. They want to really be certain of the course of action they pursue. Remember that they are your advisors and YOU have the final say as to what course of treatment you will agree to.

Sounds like promising news, though, from your surgeon - and that's a positive thing to focus on.

Hang in there - and know that you are in my prayers.


- SpongeBob

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Hi Doreeen, I can imagine your concern but the good news is that it was very small and a T1. I have read in several places that radiotherapy is not given more than once to the rectum. I agree with SB that it is good that they are not jumping in right away with treatment plan but rather giving it serious consideration. It may be that you will not need any more treatment or they may want to give some chemo just to make sure. I can understand the waiting is awful but you will soon know what they decide the best course of action is to be.

All the best,


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Ditto to the above Doreen. As much as it is hard to play the waitin game give the docs merit for doing some deep consideration. Our very best, Ross n Jen

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I agree with my friends, Doreen. It sounds like many doctors will be assessing your situation. I suspect they are trying to decide if you should take a little more chemo. Let us know.



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Hi Doreen, sorry to here the news I agree with everyone else. Since its a small area and haven't invaded anything else sounds promising also. I will keep you in my prayers. Livin

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I am sorry to hear about your recent news. On the positive side, as already stated, it sounds like it was caught before it had a chance to do anything. Plus, your doctors are taking the time to really look at your case and not just treat you as a textbook.

To my understanding radiation is used to reduce the size of tumors or get rid of them entirely if they are inoperable. I would think that if they are going to do anything that they may suggest a round of chemo. I, however, do not have those papers on the wall to back up what I say. Just going on my information.

Good luck and I will be thinking of you. Patricia

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there may be more factors that we non-doctors know nothing about, but when I had my surgery, (almost 5 yrs ago, and much more invasive than your husband's..)the surgeon said "I think we got it all" then the Onc said yes, but...and the next thing I knew they were radiating and poisoning me. I guess the Onc was right, as I was clear for three years-but it came back as mets to the lungs. The biggest problem as I see it, is that we can't see the body microscopically..if they could, they would be sure nothing was there. You and your Hubby have a difficult decision ahead of you, and ultimately that's what it is-your decision. the Doctors will always err on the conservative side. If I were your husband, I think i would opt for no chemo and make some serious lifestyle and diet changes. Best wishes to you, and please let us know what your decide. Bud

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