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I come back from being AWOL and the next thing I know I'm in the hospital and unable to post.

I had some emergency surgery done on Thursday, came home late Friday and I'll have to go back in for more surgery either late next week or early the following week. "Probably" not cancer related - we'll see.

Anyway, just wanted to let y'all know if you don't see menext week I'll be spending some quality time with my budzos over at Bethesda Naval Hospital (soon to be known as "Walter Reid Medical Center" thanks to the BRAC)

Anyway, I'm doing OK - just a little sore and VERY annoyed with this bag and tube coming out of my tummy.


- SB

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Hi SpongeBob,
I have read your post so much, feel like I know you. I will put you on my prayer list. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Blessings to you,

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Hey SB...
Sorry to hear the latest news. This was kinda sudden wasn't it? What happened?
Your positive spirit and attitude will see you through these tough times...
Hang in there...

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Sorry to hear your sudden trip to the hospital hope everything goes well for a speedy recovery. I'll say a prayer for you. Livin

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Ahh Ahoy Sponge-Bob,This is Amy (aka slammer) Hope all is going to be well for you , sorry to hear you are at the hosp. but we know what great things they can do. Best Wishes and get up soon: Oct is just around the corner,(not even sure I will make it but...)God Speed and hope all is working out,LOve & hugs....Amos

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Hey SB!
Sorry to hear about the emergency surgery, but happy they were able to take care of it. Wishing for you...a quick recovery from this surgery and next week's surgery. Glad to hear it's probably not cancer related, since that's always the first thought that goes through my mind. Keep us updated when you can.

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Hey Spongebob, sorry to hear about your hospital stay. Hope things are well. Hopefully we'll meet soon.


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Dear Bob. What happened to you? I hope you are alright. You have such a sense of humor. I liked your comment about being full of hot air. The Dr. said I looked like the Pillsbury dough Boy. I hope you have a speedy recovery and everthing is Okay. What tubes do you have in your stomach?? A Jackson Pratt? Sorry to be so personable.

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I just got on line and read your post. I so hope that you are doing OK!!!!

You are a very special person and I know that everyone is praying all goes well!!!!

Prayers are coming your way with extra speed!!!!

Please try to keep your chin up as I know that this has put a damper on your moad!!! You have Vegas to shoot for!!!!

Please keep us posted when you are able to!!!!

Love Always!!


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SB....sorry to hear about your emergency surgery...do hope it is nothing too serious, though it sounds to me that you are making light of an uncomfortable situation. Do take care and post when you can to let us know how things are going for you.


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Hi, sorry to hear about your emergency surgery. I am thinking about you and will keep you in my prayers.

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I sure hope your feeling better, sorry to hear about the setback. Keep us posted. Your in my prayers.


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If your bag is the beige color, I have a matching pair of shoes to go with it you can borrow!!!!!

Keep us posted please sir!!!!Get some rest and eat well.

Hugs and kisses, Lisa P.

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You're not getting off that easy, SB...give us all the gory details, and keep posting-I know they have computers at Bethesda.
You remain in my prayers.. Bud

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keeping you in my prayers and thoughts.. hope you recover soon.. peace..ramona41

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Posts: 2598
Joined: Apr 2003

Thanks so much for your positive energy, well wishes, and prayers, my dear friends! I seem to have a blockage of the other (non colon-related) system (if you know what I mean)caused by scar tissue run amok. The emergency surgery was to install a sort of "colostomy for the bladder". Next step is to image the obstruction and determine how big it is and then follow-up surgery will be to resection the pipes and cut out all of the scar tissue (yuck!).

BUT! The good news is that the bag-ola came in handy today twice:

1. I had a HUGE bottle of water just before I went in to see a movie and didn't have to worry about getting up to pee and missing anything

2. There were some parts of the movie (The 40 Year Old Virgin) that were so funny, I laughed so hard i would have surely peed my pants had I not had "le sac" avec mois!

3. Oh yes... did I mention the pain drugs??? Woo-Hoo!

Always a silver lining...

Thanks again you guys!

- SpongeBob

PS Scouty... "Le sac" is clear (I guess visualizing tinkle is more socially acceptable than visualizing poo? So if you have a pair of Cinderella Glass Slippers (in size 11 EEE) please send 'em my way!

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Hey SB!!

WOW had NO idea you were going through all this!!

I hope all comes out ok for you!!

Dang. No fun getting a RotoRooter job up the wazoo! Or Kazoo.

peace, emily

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Whoa, Bob, first AWOL, now emergency surgery. You need to settle down! Sorry to hear about the additional plumbing problems; I hope that all is ship shape soon, and you can get on with all the other stuff you have been contending with.
Enjoy the meds, and get well soon, Judy

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