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Questions regarding EC

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My dad was told about 2 months ago he has EC at stage 4. It has spread to his lymph nodes, lungs and liver and there is a mass on this back. He has started chemo and it seems to be helping is pain and comfort level. Does anyone know anything about flax oil and the benefits for patients like him? Please help!

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I am sorry your Dad has esophageal cancer. It is good that the chemo is giving him some pain relief. I have not heard anything about flax oil as a benefit to cancer patients. I do know that there have not been adequate tests groups for most alternative medicine therapies to either prove or disprove their effectiveness. That makes the decision making much harder. I would encourage you to confirm with his oncologist the compatibility of the flax oil with his chemo. I would also encourage you to pose your question to the ACOR esophageal list group (www.acor.org) There are 1200 subscribers to that list, all who have been touched by esophageal cancer in some way. On the list there are also long term survivors of EVERY stage of the cancer. When I was first finishing up treatment, hearing from long term survivors was really encouraging. Another good web site is www.eccafe.org. On that site there are stories of a number of folk with esophageal cancer, a five year survivor list, nutrition ideas, and links to lots of good sites. My best to you and your Dad

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