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Blood in Urine

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This May I had a routine physical which showed microscopic blood in my urine. Like most men, I let it go for a couple of months until I just happened to run into a nurse friend of mine in the gym. I told her about it and she said she had a friend who had the same situation who innored the problem. He later died due to cancer spreading to other organs. I went to the urologist who found a grade 1 cancer on my bladder. Luckily it had not spread. I had the area removed this month and according to the doctor, I will be cancer free now but have to go back every three months for scope. My point is that it is better to swallow your ego and get to the doctor if you suspect anything. Had I waited, who knows what stage it would have been by the time I found it.

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Hello, I guess I'm it, like tag your it. I thought I was having Prostate problems for you years. Yet every Doc I went to told me that was nothing wrong with my Prostate. In December when I went to the rest room it hurt to urinate. Again I thought it was my Prostate, and I start taking something over the counter for it. A few months ago I passed a Gross amouth of Blood, this happened twice in a 5 week period. I went to see an Urologist, then I had an IVP, which revealed nothing, then a scope up my penis. The doc said my bladder wall was abnormal color, 3 weeks ago I had a biopsy which revealed I have Bladder Cancer in/ on the lining of my Bladder. I start BCG treatments tomorrow. I just passed my 5th Blood clot. The last one looked like liver. I dont know what to expect, nor do I know what to do. Should I seek other advice? Doc said its in its early-ist stage. I am a male- Black American if that matters 47 years old, and I have never been married with no children. Some of your posts worry me big time. What should I do now. I know of two people that have had this, and they beat it with just BCG treatments. One 5 yrs ago, and the other 3 years ago. Whats next? Sorry for the missed spelled words and the bad grammar, I was in a hurry.

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Hello GSB777,

I am very new to this arena...my father was diagnosed for a second time in 3 months with bladder cancer. I am reading all ican and wondered what your thoughts are about your treatment. thanks so much and bless you!

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I had experienced excessive bleeding which was mis diagnosed as Kidney stones for roughly three months. I finally had a cystoccopy which revealed two small tumors which were removed. Unfortunatley I had to go through the process a second time only to find the tumors has come back within a month. They then diagnosed me with a very active form of cancer. I ultimately went to the head of Urology at USC Norris. He is one of the best in the country and has trained many in this specific area of cancer surgery. I had him remove the bladder and reconstruct a new bladder from the lower intestine. He also insisted that I have the prostrate removed although there was no sign of cancer. I agreed with him, however in retrospect I would suggestion anyone in a similar situation question the removal of the prostrate. It is my firm belief that by keeping the prostrate you will have a better chance of controlling yourself. Fortunately the surgery was in time and I am cancer free with no need for chemo or radiation. I would suggest obtaining a second opinion. You will find that many hospitals receive federal research funding and are more than receptive to providing a second opinion. My first urologist should have been removed from the field of medicine. When my wife asked him if he as a cancer specialist, he got very upset. In fact he told me that he had plenty of clients and more money than he could spend. Later, he told me that I would have to beg him to do the surgery, you can be assured I told him what he could do or where to place my boot. It's been a little over a year since the surgery and I am feeling well. I recently had a lapse with regard to urinating. However, I am a firm believer in exercising thereby being in a position to control urinating. By the way, this form of surgery allows you to urinate just like in the past.

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I had a similar problem to you except I am female and an Australian. First and only sign was excessive bleeding . Being female I was at the Dr. the next day. Scans showed a lesion. Within a few weeks had a cystoscopy during which they performed a resection and removed a malignant tumour. The Doctor said it was the size of a golf ball. However it had not invaded the bladder wall or muscle and he said that I have a 70% chance of it not returning. However like you it will mean 3 monthly cystoscopy checks . I consider myself very lucky because I had no symptoms whatsoever. I would advise everyone to go as soon as you suspect a problem. Luckily I have a G.P. who never takes chances. This is the second time that she has probably lengthened my life through her vigilance Regards Sal

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