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Wits end

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I don't know if am am paranoid or paranoid ... I am trying to keep a sense of humour about how I feel. I have been sick for a few years now and my body is changing again. It is like my body is progressing through something and I don't know what it is.

The neighborhood I used to live in as a child had a ...i can't remember the name of it ...but it was a high concentration of people who had hodgkins. Enough for CDC to do an investigation.

I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me and I just remembered this a few days ago. I would go through the things that are happening to me but you all will be tired of reading. I've told one doctor a little over a year ago and he sort of brushed me off after all of my blood tests were mostly normal. (He has since left town and is no longer my doctor.) I found a new doc near my home and went to him and told him about my chest hurting. He ran some test, took some xrays, and did an ekg (3-4 seconds last person of the day and the tech said "I got caught and I can't leave yet") - the test came back mostly normal. He suggested that sometimes general illness and chest pain may be a result of depression. I told him that I am a little depressed but is is because I have been sick and not known what is wrong for a few years. I told him I get sick then depressed not depressed then sick and that I would probably not take the antidepressants. He looked upset.

There are days that I can barely make it when I am feeling bad tired would be an understatement (12+ hours of sleep and still tired). I explained that I drop weight like crazy when I am sick and have to eat junk food to keep the pounds on (:o) if I at like that all of the time I would roll down the sidewalk) then after I feel better I can go back to eating my normal healthy food. He did not understand and thought I was binge eating ... I tried to explain that was not the case and he got upset for telling him that he misunderstood me ... I am getting a little side tracked here ...

I noticed that some people who were diagnosed felt sick and had doctors tell them they were fine. I don't want to seem like a hypo ...jeesh I can't spell that I think it is hypochondriac? but do I tell them I used to live in a neighborhood like that? I don't want make myself appear nuts but I feel awful sometimes and I can't get any answers and I am trying the passive route.

I feel like I just need to go to some teaching hospital somewhere and let them figure it out.

I am sorry for talking so much about nothing but I am trying to find some answers - because I am starting to feel bad again. My chest hurting is a scarey thing especially with everthing else that happens when I am sick.

thanks for any input/advice.

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Hey There, It sounds to me as if you need to find a doctor who will REALLY listen to what you are saying! I had a lot of doctors brushing me aside for a long time. I hadn't felt right for about two years and could never really put my finger on what was wrong. One doctor wanted to put me on anti-depression drugs, another said nothing. And then I started to get strep throat all the time. Anti biotic after antibiotic I was no better. I finally found a doctor who would listen and not dismiss my lymph node in my neck as just swollen from sore throats. She sent me for an ultra sound and said she didn't think it was anthing to worry about. Well the look on the ultra sound techs face told me everything, there was definately a problem. And so my story is go to as many doctors as you need to until you are listened to!!!!!!!!!! Noone knows their bodies better than themselves! Don't wait around find the answers you need.

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Hello. Thanks for replying, you are right! I need to find a doc. I am looking. I found a good Rheumatologist who is going to help me figure out what is going on. The thing is she can't be my regular doctor - I don't think. She is willing to run tests for me. I have not been feeling right for a few years and I would love to feel better. I just want to know why I feel so horrible. It is 8:30 and I have been ready for be since around 6:30 but I am trying to stay awake - sleeping is just making me more sore when I wake now-a-days. I used to feel a little better. I feel like my body has taken on a life of its own.

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First off get a doctor who is not scared to run a few test. If you think you have symptoms of Hodgkin's be sure they run a test for Reed Stienberg cells, if this is positive do not flip out as it is also associated with Mono. A number of different things cause suppression of the imune system and not all are cancer. If your CBC (Red, White Blood Counts and Hemo, Platlets are normal) then that is a good sign that your body is not in totall panic mode. Get with a hemotologist (Blood Specialist) They are the true code busters when it come to tracking down illness in the human body. Like I tell my doctor anytime I am sick "Run the 1 liter test!", this is my way of refering to so many test they have to take a liter of blood. The blood will reproduce so they can test all they want. Remember the doctor works for you, it is your money paying for your health. Some say it is wasted money to rune all these test. But ask the same people about the money after they are very sick and I assure you they will pay every last cent they have for more time. Our body is like a fine automobile, you maintain it, treat it with respect, and keep it clean it will last you a life time.

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You know I thought about that the other day. At the health food store they have a guy that comes in to "look at your blood" and tell you what deficits you have. I was wondering about a Doctor who could do the same thing... That is a wonderful idea it would let me know where to start ... maybe get me off of this whacky whatever that is making me feel awful.

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Reading your story reminded me of mine. I was pregnant, lost weight, had severe pain in my arms and couldn't breathe right....I was being told I am only depressed!or Pregnant and being depressed! when I insisted that symptoms are for real I was sent to Physical therapist, Rheumatologist, Chiroprator, endocrinologist...I have a whole list. My primary care didn't bother performing any tests or worrying about my being pregnant and unable to breathe properlyand I continued having only Tylenol throughout my pregnancy. I developed a lymphnode in clavical area and my Gyne said its only infection. No one bothered to test anything. Upon more insisting I had a biopsy done that revealed HD stage 11B. I had an Xray on my arm done though where it used to hurt and that Xray didn't show anything. My advise to you is if you don't feel good keep on insisting and it wouldn't hurt to have any scan done too. Atleast it wil put your mind at ease.

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I just wonder how you're doing now??

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