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Guided Imagery / Emotions and Cancer

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Allo allo : )

Well I am very enthused today about trying several different holistic healing methods. I bought a Andrew Weil Guided Imagery CD. I'm also looking into to seeking some sort personalized appointments for this. I'm interested in trying to use imagery to help my body fight cancer as well as I think some therapy would be good for me to work on some emotional issues that may have contributed to causing my cancer.

A few weeks ago there was a thread about "acid vs alkaline" emotions. I guess I'm interested in hearing about anyones experience and tactics with making changes in this area (that you're comfortable sharing!). It seems like there is many different kinds of things out there to try...hypnosis, imagery, biofeedback, rolfing, pychotherapy.


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Hi Maria,

This, I think, is an enormously important aspect to healing cancer. (I love Weil by the way and always recommend Spontaneous Healing).

I did imagery (not guided per se) when I practiced my yoga. Being a believer I imagined Jesus going through my body healing all the cancer on the way. I covered every organ and body part.

I also did acupuncture and body work to release the emotions and unclog any congestion. It was wonderful! I highly recommend it.

I think anyone can benefit from a number of these approaches. Very cool that you are seeking a holistic approach! YOU GO GIRL!

peace, emily

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Good topic. I have become interested in this myself recently. I am a novice. I recently purchased two CDs from Amazon -- guided purely by reviews. I have been very pleased with both. (Note: I have no financial interest in either -- or Amazon.com!). One is called 'Your Present: A half-hour of peace' by Susie Mantell. The other is called 'Guided Meditations for calmness, awareness, and love' by Bodhipaksa. Neither are specifically for cancer pts or healing, but I have found them terrific. A friend recently gave me a CD called 'Chemotherapy companion' -- but I haven't tried it out yet. I haven't heard of Andrew Weil before -- thanks for the tip. I do not use the CDs as regularly as I wish I did -- but I'm trying!

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Thanks Tara and Emily for your replies...I wonder what kind of body work Emily did? Acupuncture would be a trip to try. I am trying to stretch and do some yoga and walking now that I am feeling more recovered from radiation. Little frustrating though I have a strained muscle in my hamstrings that has regularly plagued me for years anytime I try to increase activiy.

Thanks Tara so much for the CD suggestions, I'm going to look on Amazon. My naturopath also suggested going to a mediation/holisitc healing store that is in Seattle, where you can listen to CDs before you buy them, which would be good - they are expensive. I should try the library as well. I bought two others by Pema Chodron (a buddhist nun) and Deepak Chopra. I am looking forward to listening to them. I especially can benefit from them while driving in congested Seattle traffic - relax Maria..

Andrew Weil is, I guess, a prominent alternative medicine guru. He is an MD who dropped out of the traditional medicine culture and explored other ways of healing. He has a website, many books/cds, and shows on PBS.

Happy Deep Breathing!

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