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Movie suggestion

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Well, I'm back in the hospital for chemo infusion #5. I'm actually very encouraged by a dropping CEA count (started at 55, down to 7.6) although I know CEA count is not a conclusive diagnostic tool but only a piece of a puzzle. Still, my oncologist is encouraged, as well as my favorite nurse, so I feel good about things. Instead of just telling people that I anticipate a full recovery, I'm actually starting to really, really believe it.

And I am no longer eating hospital food. I brought my own water, miso soup, fresh fruits and some veggies, and some other items to get me through three days of avoiding hospital food and water. It's really dismal the food and even the water here!

And on that note, I rented some movies to bring with me this time. One of them was the documentary "Supersize Me". This is a facinating movie that should make any rational person swear off of fastfood. Since my diagnosis, I have completely ditched fast food for a more whole food diet, but after watching this I feel more resolute in my new approach to nutrition. I am appalled that I used to eat such food sometimes, and that so many Americans have so little regard for what they are eating, and mostly that these fast food corporations really don't give a damn about the nutritional welfare of their consumers (sometimes they appear to when the offer "healthier" alternatives, yet I remain skeptical). I always knew this was the case, but since I have started to think more and more about what goes into my body I am just more and more appalled at the eating habits of this country, which is a great nation in so many other ways.

So, if you get a chance take a look at this documentary about a man who ate nothing but McDonalds food for 30 days. It is one sided of course. McDonalds did not really get to present their side, but he tried to give them a chance and they blew him off. The movie certainly reinforced my commitment to change my diet *permanently* and I think it is a facinating piece of work.

No ... I'm not being paid by the producers to endorce their video. I just thought that people on here who are concerned about nutrition might find some of the information on the video quite interesting.


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Hey, Rodney! I'm back from vacation!

Way to take control of your body and health! I have yet to spend any time in the hospital without having to argue with the dietician there. I don't know what's so difficult - I tell them that I don't eat white sugar, white flour, potatoes or corn. "What DO you eat?" they ask, incredulous. Like there's nothing else out there! I simply tell them to bring me fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains. Do you know that they never even HAVE whole grain foods in the hospital, other than oatmeal?? Incredible! They usually keep some fresh fruit around, but then they want to give me JUICE, and, as a diabetic, I can't really consume fruit juices in any quantity because of the high degree of concentration. SOME hospitals will give you soy milk if you ask, but MANY don't even have that!

Hang in there, and I'll see ya in chat sometime!

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On another note....

Check out the movie "The Medicine Show" with Jonathon Silverman. It's a dark comedy about a young guy going through the diagnosis and surgery associated with colon cancer. Through the whole thing, I just kept saying, "That is EXACTLY how it is!"

Have a great day!

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