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The operation is over !!!

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Hellloooooo Brotherhood,
I'm back. As an update, I'm 56yr I was operated on by Dr. Walsh @ JHH for PC on August 9th. I took all of your comments with me, they were inspiring and useful. I am now sitting here with catheter in place and looking forward to each passing day, as it gets closer to getting rid of this tag-along-reminder of my recent past. Over all things went well, the team at Hopkins was FANTASTIC !! Dr. Walsh said the post surgical pathology report is good. (but as we all know time will tell). I'm looking forward to reading how Jeff made out. I'll be watching the postings and responding. Take care Reluctant Brotherhood, Twinbrook2

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Congratulations, Twinbrook2!! I've been thinking about you and Jeff and watching for your posts. It's great to hear when another prostatectomy goes well. It'll provide much encouragement to other facing the same surgery. Good luck in your recuperation.

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Congs on having that behind you, be kind to yourself and have a speedy recovery. Life can be very good after cancer. Husband I have both been there and we enjoy everyday to the limit. God Bless Linda

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Congratulations twinbrook2,

It sounds like everything went quite well. Glad to hear you are home nursing your "tag-along". It won't be long before you will be saying good-bye to it. Take it easy and follow the Dr.'s instructions. Also, keep us posted on your progress.


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Hey all,
Glad to here that all went well Twinbrook.
My surgery also went very well. the Doc said the lymph nodes were clear. A very good sign. And yes, I too am having much fun w' my little tag a long friend. I'll miss him so when he's gone.LOL
My surgeon was Dr, Greenberg at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, Pa. I highly recommend them both. The care at FC was great.
Stay well all. I'll check back.
Blessed Be

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Hi Jeff,
GREAT to see you on the board of the "Reluctant Brotherhood" I'm very glad of your news that everything went well. I hope you and your
tag-along friend do well together. I say good-bye to mine on Friday. But then, I'll have a new friend to replace him (basically fancy diapers). I hope this relationship (with the diapers) will be a short one. Glad you had an outstanding team to take care of you. Keep us informed. Twinbrook2

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Hey guys, glad you made it through the first part and that the surgery went so well. Isn't that a relief? The next relief you'll experience is when they slip your "buddy" out of you and you begin the process of regaining your temporarily weakened "control" mechanism. Again, glad to see you back and will look forward to your progress reports.

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Hi, Three weeks after removal of prostate, in fancy diapers,no presure while urinating does this return? hank

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Hank: Would you expand on phrase "no presure while urinating does this return?" What came to mind was my comment to my surgeon "it flows like a garden hose" when he asked if I was able to void after the catheter came out. He seemed to be concerned about my ability to empty the bladder freely and that there were no restrictions on the flow, at least at that point after surgery.

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Hello Guys

Well done to both of you...you have come out of it well. The diapers go after a while if you are good boys and do your Kegels. It does make a difference to the speed of recovery from the side effects if your Urologists is some one who has performed a high volume of RPs.

You both seem get up and go types which helps with recovery. Walking and swimming is good. I fashioned a device to go over the 'old man' so that I could swim in comfort and hygenically. It would last about 20 - 30 mins before it needed emptying. They can be purchased from continence suppliers.

All the best

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