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2 more days of Radiation...

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Greetings all...
This Tuesday will be my final dose of radiation, 25 out of 25. I can hardly wait. Last week's double dose of Chemo/Radiation is quite literally the most painful process I have yet to endure during my illness. Besides the usual, diarrhea and cramps, I'm also elimanating some type of yellowish acid which burns like no tomorrow. I think this yellowish stuff is a result of the 5fu/radiation killing all the living cells in my intestinal track. Whatever it is, it's absolutely horrible!!! I have a drs appointment tomorrow to figure out what the hell is going on...
Wednesday can't get here fast enough...BTW, 2 more cycles of Folfox and I'm done, for now!!!

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Hi Buster,
I will be thinking of you on Tuesday! Congratulations in advance. I don't know if this will be any consolation to you but, when I look back on everything I have been through since my diagnosis (two surgeries, two rounds of chemo, etc etc), the absolute low point for me was the final stages of the radiation. It was truly awful. So - things are about to improve! Things will look better soon! This will fade into a distant memory! Hang in there and best wishes,

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ditto tara's yours and my experience with chemo-radiation; the combo is crippling. I echo Tara; the last is the worst, but you are over the hill now.. do something every day to validate life, and feel better every day you take another step. Bud

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Hi Buster,

I finished radiation a month ago. I am still recovering from it a little unfortunately although it is much better than it was.

Things that have helped me in the last month include.

Prescription for Vicodin (sp) for pain (needed for about a week after finished).

Stool softener (Docusate Sodium - OTC) - to make sure stools pass easily. I had diarrhea while on 5FU and radiation, but it stopped as soon as I was off. The Vicodin is constipating as well.

Lidocaine jelly (prescription)- applied to my bottom outside and in just prior to having a bowel movement.

Proctofoam (prescription)- hydrocortisone foam that will help heal any fissures or imflammation you may have.

Aloe Vera - 100% pure clear gel. applied on outside area

Aquaphor (OTC) - applied outside and in

Benadryl cream (OTC)- for itching

I kind of threw a lot of stuff at the problem as you can see. Check with your doc if your interested and to see if any of these might work for you.

Good Luck. It does get a lot better pretty quickly. The level of discopmfort for me now is pretty minimal - mainly just when I have a bowel movement and even then it is a lot less than it was.


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Preoperative chemoradiation was the worst part of the year long treatment plan for me. My oncologist warned me...I took off from work to deal with it and by the end just slept...took the train to NYC for daily treatment, got home and slept. If you can make it through the pain and discomfort of this, you can do anything!!! I've run marathons..and I can tell you that the treatment makes a marathon look like a tea party. However, here I am alive, kicking, running and disease free almost 7 years later. Thank GOD for preoperative chemoradiation. It cured me even before my surgery (although we did not know that until post-surgery!). Hang tough, sleep and stay hydrated. Fresh air helped me...sitting outside in the shade or sleeping by an open window. Stay the course and good luck..and good living. You will do great! By the way, I had such bad memories of my preoperative treatment that I later moved far away from NY City so I never had to smell a subway line again. I decided that surviving cancer meant I could take some chances..and I did, moving back to my small hometown in the country. Live strong!

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Hang in there mate!! Sorry to hear that the meds have been giving you hell but we hope that after this final round things will be all go for improvement.
cheers Buster from your ozzie friends, kanga n Jen

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I agree. The double doses of radiation were very tough. I just slept a lot and had terrible diarrhea, and applied all sorts of creams to my bottom.

It does heal up quickly. I hope the yellow acid stuff clears up fast.

Stay tough. jana

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