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Juicing question

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Hi again group :o) ,,,,,,,, I have been reading back posts and I see some of you here juice. Like some of you when I was diagnosed I was terrified at the thought of no chemo so I did the chemo approach. I also bought myself a juicer I bought the greenstar one I used it a couple of times and then started chemo. While I was on chemo I was very worried about any kind of antioxidants so I didn't even take vitamins just tried to eat healthly. Now since I have been off chemo since March I would like to start juicing again. My question is how often do you all juice? Once a day twice a day ??? Do you eat regular means any cereals ??? and is all your juicing veggies organic? I seem to have a hard time finding bulk organic veggies in my area unless I travel a great distance. I have been buying the Bolthouse Farms carrot juice but that isn't as good right because its not live enzymes. I am willing to do this I just would like to know what kinds of veggies you all use and how many times a day? Do you ever eat ice cream or goodies? :o) I gave up smoking but the goodies I will miss on occasion... Doreen ~

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Hi Doreen!

When I was first dx'ed and decided against the chemo I was juicing 3 quarts per day of ONLY ORGANIC veggies. (I still do only organic). I now juice up to 1 quart a day as my maintenance.

If you Google the juicing guru, Max Gerson, I believe he has you juice 12 times a day--8 oz a time.

I do not eat ice cream b/c I have been off all dairy for 23 years.

Cancer feeds on sugar. It's an insulin thing.

So back to juicing--different Naturopaths give different juicing protocols. It would be a good idea to be under the care of a professional.

HAving said that I will tell you that I juiced 3 times a day (at the beginning) and my Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner really didn't like me having that much juice at a time. But that's how I worked it.

I added protein powder and flax seed (ground) and green powder to each juice. Again, different docs = different protocols.

There are good juicing books that others onhere can recommend. I happened to like --no stike that--LOVE a book called:

A Cancer Battle Plan by Anne Frahm

A Cancer Battle Plan Sourcebook by David Frahm is the How-To follow up book.

Cherie Calbom is the Juice Lady and has written books on juicing also.

You can also go to www.hacres.com or www.curezone.com and read articles on juicing and raw foods.

I did eat meals but they weren't "regular"--they were macrobiotic. I combined the two approaches. So lots of steamed veggies and brown rice with fermented soy products. It was fabulous. I felt great and lost 20 pounds! (I should do it all over again just like that!!)

Anyway, I am sorry this is abbreviated but I have company and am going out of town for the weekend.

I hope this helps.

peace, emily who had to travel over 30 miles for organics

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Sorry I haven't responded sooner...a little busy here right now.

I only do organic fruits and veggies too and drive a ways to get them too. I juice twice a day per my naturopathic doctor's recommendation. I do straight carrot juice or carrot/beet/cabbage/celery juice mainly. I will also do peeled oranges and fresh tomato juice occasionally. I am trying to work on a V8 kind of juice but keep forgeting to add the ingredients to my shopping list. I eat a small handful of walnuts, almonds or brazil nuts. I love raisins (they are lots of iron) and even splurge with chocolate covered ones (I buy at the health food store).
I am fortunate to have a local creamery that is all natural so I will occasionally eat ice cream. Chocolate is fine if it is the real stuff. You can get a idea of the good ones by visiting a health food store. Almost all of the grocery stores in my area (North Carolina: Harris Teeter and Food Lion) now have organic and natural products (not as many as the bigger healthy supermarkets but the choices are growing.

Lisa P.

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Hi Doreen,

I am brand new to juicing but wanted to add that I have read and have beed advised by my naturopath to focus mainly on veggie juice. Fruit juice has a lot of sugar which cancer loves. She also said that carrot and beets actually all root vegatables should be in moderation because they contain a lot of sugar as well. This is a little confusing to me though because I have heard that carrot is so good for you. I also like to use apple and carrot to make the veggie juice more palatable. My naturopath recommended 1/2 an apple and 1/2 a carrot for sweetness and the rest veggies to make a pint of juice. I'm using one whole apple and one whole carrot right now but am going to try to get it down. I have juiced with it : broccoli, cabbage, celery, kale, peppers. And am looking to add more. Also as Emily recommends I add a whey protein powder to it, which helps prevent the sugars from rushing into your system. I'm shooting for 3 pints a day right now spread out over the day.

Just my two cents...Good luck Juicer!

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