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need help on experience on the natural strategies to deal witk PC

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My brother - 56 years old- has been diagnosed with PC with a Gleason score of 7 after a routine check-up indicating 8.4 PSA level. He had RP 3 weeks ago and recovering quite well. Unfortunately malign cell were observed outside the prostate capsule and eventually was determined by the detailed patology report. I am a professor of engineering and read a lot about PC, its treatment and ways to increase immune system and natural strategies for fighting with it. There are scientific articles published in journals; for example use of ATBC (Alpha Tocopherol Beta Catotene) and selenium were suggested. However there are lots of sites on the internet suggesting some other products as well like MethylGloyoxal (TMT or SSR Super Quinone), and Oxgen Element Plus etc.I would gratefully appreciate any comment on the use of these natural products and any related experience.
Bahtiyar Unver
Ankara Turkey

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Hi, My husband had a PSA of 60 in the spring of 2003, he had external radiation, no surgery, to advanced for that but was to stay on Lupron until it no longer worked. He hated Lupron only took it for three months during radiation and once right after. We decided to go natural, here is what we are doing, first off NO MEAT, we do eat fish once a week or less. NO dairy of any sort watch out it is in most food. NO sugar that is really hard as it is in canned vegetables even and has many names beside sugar, cancer feeds on sugar, we do use stevia which is not sugar and once in awhile honey. We have a fruit shake every morning with herbs from Gods Garden Super Blend in that shake we have berries,bananas, and rice milk with some apple juice. Once a day he takes Kyota Chlorello, selenium 200mcg, fish oil, turmeric, lycopene softgels only, 10mg, green tea extract, plus drinks five or more cups a day. Grapeseed ex, Natural Prostate formula with saw palmetto,stinging nettle, pygeum ex, boron and rosemary in that formula, Folic acid, alpha lipnic acid 100 mcg. Off and on I will buy some other herbs to use and B12 as we are nearly vegans. Will it work I don't know psa is .4 Drs said it would never go that low. There is a wonderful book by Jane Plant on eating like this after she had reaccuring breast cancer several times and should not have lived. She does not take many vitamins or herbs but otherwise eats like this, you do learn to really like rice, only brown rice, no white flour so you make bread yourself as all bread is loaded with artifical everything. Mostly you eat fresh fruits and vegetables. I had breast cancer in 2002 so follow nearly the same way of eating as husband does. No smoking or drinking allowed. Living like this is a choice and is called taking your life in your own hands. Cancer centers have a lot of plans for us but they are not walking in our boots. God Bless Linda

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Hi from the UK

Linda and hubby are very focused and committed to be able continue their diet. By the way the the book she refers to is a Prof Jane Plant, who did an enormous amount of research on Breast and Prostrate cancer both have similar causes and then she wrote a book called 'Your Life In Your Hands'ISBN 0-7535-0850-8. I am sure as an academic you would find it enlightening...it gets quite technical for the layman.

By the way I am 62, 61 when the PC was diagnosed psa 6.0 Gleason 8 and the cells had extended beyond the capsule but not in bones as far as they could tell. Had an RP in April 04, but they could find no sign of cells in lymph nodes. So I was a little different from your Brother. However my RP was considered only partially successful; my psa stayed at 0.3 for 6 months and they put me on conformal 3D radiation which had no significant effect on the psa. So there I was facing an uncertain future and so I did more research and came up with ESSIAC a herbal tea which had a good reputation but had not been accepted by the medical professiona as it had not been peer reviewed. Is quite easy to get hold of the in the UK. I also went on Jane Plants diet for 3 months...I am still off diary but eat all organic foods and no diary. MY psa has dropped to 0.2.

This doesn't answer your question but if you can't get hold the products you mentioned your Brother might like to try the diet and ESSIAC tea. All the best to both of you


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Take a look at Robert Morse ND new book The Detox Miracle Sourcebook. His herbs and plan is really what we follow. After two years we do eat a few more things then he allows. He has cured a lot of cancer but of course the regular medical Drs will never acknowlege this. That tea is made up of a few of the herbs they recommend for cancer but not near all of them. Linda

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Check out this study on glyconutrition. It is the body's natural way to heal itself.


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Doesn't look to me like anything but a money making scam. Study your vitamins, herbs and diet. Taking a few high priced pills will not heal your body or soul. God Bless Linda

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Be careful of all these "snake oil" salesmen of the 21st century! Alternatives suck!!
Be sure to check out www.quackwatch.org.
Here's an excerpt on ESSIAC TEA for example:

Essiac is an herbal remedy that was prescribed and promoted for about 50 years by Rene M. Caisse, a Canadian nurse who died in 1978. Shortly before her death, she turned over the formula and manufacturing rights to the Resperin Corporation, a Canadian company that has provided it to patients under a special agreement with Canadian health officials. Several reports state that the formula contains burdock, Indian rhubarb, sorrel, and slippery elm, but there may be additional ingredients. Essiac tea claimed to be Caisse's original formulation is also marketed in the United States. Several animal tests using samples of Essiac have shown no antitumor activity. Nor did a review of data on 86 patients performed by the Canadian federal health department during the early 1980s [14].

Good Luck, Ben

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Hello B.Unver Benji said be carefull over people selling "snake oil", very true. Resarch and see whats good and not. There are some out there extremely well, like the one Tony took in her recovery. Over 600 medical studies proving anticancer activity and thats in the National Library of Medicine. Anyone out there want info just let me know.

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