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Enlarged inguinal nodes

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Joined: Aug 2005

I was diagnosed last year with 1C, grade 2 and had the full hysterectomy plus abdominal lymph nodes resected with no sign of any cancer cells in them. Now I have enlarged inguinal lymph nodes and am scheduled for biopsy for Sept. 15. Has anyone had this problem? Could it be something other than cancer?

Posts: 4
Joined: Aug 2005

I have not had a problem similar to this, but I was recently diagnosed with endometrial cancer, had surgery and undergoing further treatments currently.
Although I can't guarantee you that it's not related to your previous cancer diagnosis, it sounds like a biopsy is a good thing to put your mind at rest. A lot of things can cause lymph nodes to enlarge, and the ones in the groin can do so from either local infection or hormonal changes.
I hope your biopsy goes well.
Take care.

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