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had tongue cancer one year ago....

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i had cancer of the tongue a year ago, i had surgery (7/2004), radiation and chemo (radiation & chemo ended in 11/2004). When they did surgery they removed about 30 lymph nodes from my neck and found cancer in 4 of them. I have had two MRIs and 2 PET scans and so far no more cancer. I still have dry mouth and eating is a lot easier but still difficult sometimes. Right now i am getting sick a lot (colds, bronchitis, run down). i don't know anyone who has gone through any type of cancer treatment, there isn't even a support group in my area. I would really like someone to talk to who knows what it's like. How do you go back to your life without all the fear penetrating into everything? and how do you deal with the people in your life who expect you to be the same old friend after all of this? my mother lost two children when they were infants and now to have her oldest daughter with Cancer, she looks at me and i can see the fear in her face? how do i make feel better when sometimes i see the same fear in my own face?
please email me at mail2ginac@aol.com

thanks, G

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Sorry to hear all that. Well I am a hodgkins cancer survivor 7yrs now, and tongue cancer 1yr. I only had some surgery for tongue cnacer, no further treatment because of the initial stage of my cancer. All I can say is that I know fear, it stays with you. I always feared hodgkins would come back but I got tongue cancer although I am not even in any of the risk factor groups for this type of cancer. Its just luck. Sometimes if I do feel fear, I try not to let it haunt me but I try to look at the positive side and say to myself that I am alive...Just be happy with that fact and not worry about something you don't even know about. I just do one thing in order to control my fears. I regularly go to my docs visits. I don't ignore any symptoms that might seem unusual, and I always call my docs if I am worried about something. Thats how I caught my tongue cancer at an early stage. If cancer of any kind is caught early it can easily be treated. Somehow other people really don't seem to understand how cancer effects a person. I still fell so tired but I try to act like any other person and fulfill every part of my life as much as I can. You can always comeback here or to the chat rooms for support. I hope I helped a bit. bye and god luck.

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Tongue cancer found 02/04. Had surgery and 27 lymph nodes removed from left side. The nodes were ok. Took out 1/4 of my tongue. June 04 small cancer found again on tongue. Another surgery. Radiation (33) treatments ended Oct 04. Dry mouth etc. PET scan showed cancer still contained to my tongue. Came through and life went on. April 05 another spot found. Another surgery and now 1/2 of my tongue is gone. Taking physical therapy now to increase "bite" so I can eat and so the doctor can see in my mouth. That is helping. Early fall will have precautinary biopies to make sue it has not returned. Did not have chemo. Next options is a major surgery and/or radiation and chemo. You can not think about it all the time. I am still working and going on with my life. Take each day as it comes. This has been really hard on my dad buthe is always there for me. I can tell it hurts him too but I just keep him informed and go on with life. My husband, kids and grandkids have been real troopers too. Staying positive is hard but try to the best you can because it is the best medicine in the world.

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Hi G, been there with the tongue cancer, just wanted to drop you a line, I was diagnosed 3 years ago May 2002, had surgery to remove 1/2 tongue, 2 lymph nodes positive, 35 radiation treatments. I had reconstruction done on my flap and tongue in March, had a check up yesterday with doc, he noticed a white spot on the flap side, hoping it is nothing, will get checked tomorrow with my regular oral surgeon. I was 44 at the time of diagnosis, non smoker, have 18 year old twins. It is a tough road to be on. I still have dry mouth, use all of the biotene products, always have water with me. I know exactly about the fear issue. Trust me. You are not alone. I pray all goes well with you and you continue to recover. God Bless, Carol you can email me at layers67@comcast.net if you want.

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Sorry to hear about all that. I too also had tongue and floor of the mouth cancer and was operated on 15 months ago.

My story is on my web-page (dvdasmth) if you care to view it.

I tried sending you an email through the address you left in your message but it was returned.

Hope to hear from you.


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hello David,

thank you for the note, i will read your story. i wanted to let you know i have a new email address funnygirl797@msn.com


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