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Lump on Back..???? Advice please

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I just found out the my father has a huge lump (size of a fist) just below his left shoulder blade. It is soft on the outside but hard on the inside. He does not feel any pain and it was only discovered when my mother noticed it when he took his shirt off.
He has colon cancer with mets to the liver diagnosed recently and just getting ready to start chemo soon.
Out of all the test and MRIs and CAT and PET scans and doctors so far no one has even once looked at his back!
Does anyone know what this could be???


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Get thee to his doctor. Sounds like a cyst to me, but the only way to be sure is have it seen. My uncle had just the same thing; my poor aunt nearly dropped when he called it to her attention. It was some sort of fast developing but harmless cyst that was removed without problem.
It is amazing what medical types will miss when they are not looking!
Good luck. Judy

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Hello -

I know it is hard not to worry - but try not to. I think once someone has a cancer experience, every little thing becomes a nightmare. My mom had a fever an unexplained fever few months ago and we were all in a complete panic.. It turned out to be nothing..

Think happy thoughts..


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This is unlikely to be a met from his tumour. He probably has been having CT scans that have included the lungs so would look at the chest and have seen this growing if it has been developing for some time. OTher causes such as a cyst or a lipoma - a benign growth of fat tissue- is more likely. Still vital to get it checked out though- do let us know how it goes,

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