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Love & Hug Your Kids

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Lisa Rose
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Hi Everyone,

Yesterday my son Andrew & I went to Magic Mountain Water Park, for a fun day in the sun with friends here in Moncton.
A few hours into the day a young boy age 12 was found floating in the wave pool ....
From our seats we watched the whole thing go down and how fast a life can be taken at such a young age.
The whole event left us both feeling very numb..

We watched from the sideline as they recovered the body and started CPR.
In a very short period of time the fire department and ambulance were on site but it was just to late....
It was 1/2 before they located the boys mother as she was else where in the park.
My son Andrew always thought that I was an over protective mother and he would joke to me about that.
Now he saw first hand why.

Then along with hundreds of others we watched a full police investigation take place. Everyone
could not believe what we all watched in disbelief. This was the first time anyone has died at the water park since it opened in 1987.

Bottom Line: Love & Hug your Kids & Grandkids today because no one knows what tomorrow may bring.

I Know I Did........

Love To All,
Baby Lisa

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So sad Lisa and so very sad that you had to witness that. The reality is that we all often take too much for granted and sometimes it takes some horrid things to make us appreciate what we have each day. I think Andy is old enough to understand your protectiveness. I have to admit I am still protective of my kids and they are all over 25. I also think in a way our kids keep a look out for us too Lisa.
Luv, Ross n Jen

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That is so sad. I will definately be hugging my kids tonight, more than usual. Something like that happening always reminds me that life is unpredictable. I'm so sorry that you and your son had to witness it. I hope that you're doing alright.
Take care,

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Oh Lisa,
I am sorry that such a terrible thing happened and that you were there to witness it. I feel awful for their family and yours.
I am always saying "I need to be able to see you!" to my kids and this is one of the many reasons why.
I hope you are feeling better.

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