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5th Place!!

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I may ne be Lance Armstrong exactly....but 6 and one-half year after surviving stage 3 rectal cancer (diagnosed at 36) I took 5th place in a 6 kilometer cross-country race through the local State Park (out of 60 runners). Not only that, but my whole family finished the race...my daughter won the 14 and under division and my wife ran with my sons (7 and 10) who finished their first race. 6 years ago I would have never thought that would be possible. Treatment was a bear and I remember just thinking that if I could only run again I would be happy. Well I can run again and I am happy...happy to have survived and be considered cured despite some early doubts about my prognosis. Hang in there newbies...it takes time and strength and determination, but you can beat this disease. Live like Lance...or just me if you want to aim a little lower!

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What a great post; just reading it brought tears to my eyes. You are truly an inspiration; your strength and determination are impressive.
I am 1 year out of chemo, and have found myself rejoicing in many aspects of my life; cancer sure can give you a whole new perspective. Just sitting out on our deck, celebrating with friends and family, I found myself feeling very grateful, and thinking "Damn, life is good".
Keep on running, and congrats to your entire family, too! Enjoy! Judy

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You are OUR Lance Armstrong! And an inspiration to everyone who posts on this board. You must be so proud that your whole family participated and did so well. All the best to you!


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congratulations to you and your family!

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Congratulations, you came in 1st as far as i am concerned. Great post, and inspiration for everyone
aka "The English Chick"

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Hey Runner,
Way to go mate,survival is all about choosing to live,sometimes we can't beat the odds but it is the thought that counts. A happy future to you and your family Ron.

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Hey Runner..well done mate!! News like that has to be some of the best encouragement for anyone here.
"Ain't no mountain high enough!!!"
cheers, kanga n Jen

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WHOO HOO..DOES THE HAPPY DANCE FOR YA.. you give us newbies lots of hope thanks for the great post. whoooaaa cant stop dancing... get all this in motion hard to stop heyyyyy plop.. way to gooooooooo
aka.. bigbuttgirlwithpainindabutt

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You my friend are indeed a Lance Armstrong, a living example of how to Livestrong!! jana

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What she said...!

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Congratulations! That is truly inspirational! It's also wonderful that you made it a family activity.

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Good for you!

It's all relative. Where you aim that is.

Entering into my very first ever 5K race this summer was a goal I had set 2 years ago....and I'm NOT a runner! But I just had to do it.

I finished and didn't walk. To me that was success. That was a high aim for me. haha

So congratulations to your entire family!! That is VERY cool!!

peace, emily whose knees are finally better now

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