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Is there ever an end??

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My Husbnd has beeen battling melanoma now for 8years with in the past year he has has a four surgery, Both lower lobes of his lungs and twice fron is abdomin we thought we were done now a lump poped up under his arm and neck he is nto even recovered . God help us he is only 40 with two daughters.

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Dear Castle,
I am so sorry about what a rough time your husband has had with melanoma. I was diagnosed with melanoma this year (stage 3) and haven't had the long road that your husband has had but I have found a good site with an active community of melanoma survivors many of whom are in the same situation as your husband that you may want to visit online. The web address is http://www.mpip.org/bb/bbindex.html This site is of course also good but I have noticed that there aren't as many people who post frequently about melanoma topics here so you may want to try the other one I gave you too. Good luck

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I'm 50, with 2 sons. I's scary to think that after 4 melanomas, there are still so many more surgeries that are being projected for me. It seems crazy to have to go through this all the time.

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I am very sorry for you and your husband and kids.I am 31year old mother of 3 boys and have been fighting my cancer for only a year but it feels like forever!i know how you feel and my heart aches for you.just be strong and supportive.

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