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2 Members in Family Have Cancer

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I first found out that my Uncle had cancer. He lives in Ohio and I live in Maryland so I am not as emotionally attatched as the other cancer victim. The next one is my Aunt who lives in MD too. I just found out tonight and I am very upset. I am only 11 so I need some support.

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I am very sorry that this has happened in your family. I am a cancer survivor. It has been 1.5 years since my diagnosis. Since my treatment, I have regained all of my strength and all of the capabilities that I had before my diagnosis. Medical advancements have made many cancers very treatable--so there are very good reasons to be hopeful. I will pray tonight for your family members and for you. I hope my words have provided you some support and encouragement.

Kindest regards,

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Hi Ines, I'm sorry about the cancer in your family. There are so many new treatments in medicine that most is treatable. It is hard during treatment but once it is finished, you start getting better little by little, regain your strength and can go back to your life. Do not lose hope. I've been a survivor for many years.
You and your family will be in my prayers. God Bless, TereB

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My dad has lung cancer. My mom's brother has liver cancer that has spread to his lung. They both live with in a hour and i seen them as much as i can. I am so scared because of things that have happened. I was told about a week ago that my mom has breast cancer. I was also told that they think it may be gentic.. I didn't know that it could be gentic. I am only 17 and i feel your pain.... If you need to talk just e-mail me here and i will get the e-mail as soon as i get on and i will repay you can also e-mail me at vanessagill141@yahoo.com if you would like. just put in something like csn or something like that and i will open it asap.. I feel your pain and have been wanting to talk to someone that realy understood. So i am hear for you.

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