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Bevacizumab (Avastin)

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At a recent meeting of my OVCA support group we had a discussion about bevacizumab (Avastin), a drug that has been used for colon cancer for a while, and is being tested on ovarian cancer patients. One of our members has been taking it for a while now, and is having good results. She has had previous therapies, and entered into a trial for this drug.

Has anyone else had experince with Avastin? There was a posting on the OVCA board by Steffie last year telling a bit about it. I've heard that it may be approved for OVCA treatment before too long because of the good results that have been seen in women who have had mulitple lines of chemo.

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thanks for sharing this information, I am glad to hear the results have been promising.

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Avastin can be used off label for treating recurrent ovarian cancer. While it is available and FDA approved for treating certain kids of cancer (e.g., colon), it's not FDA approved for treating ovarian cancer, but your doctor could get it. It has been effective for some women, but it's not right for everyone. Please talk to your doctor about it.

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Thanks for your input. I knew it was off label for OVCA, and the woman I know paid for it herself initially. Upon appealing the charges with her insurance company, they are now covering it and are reimbursing her for the first treatments.

It's very refreshing to be around her and to hear of her progress, and I wanted to revisit the topic on the board.

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