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1st treatment today

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My pa and I are going for his first Chemo and radiation treatment today for the next 5 weeks. I am very nervous. I woke up today and could not believe where I am taking my pa. Wish us luck!

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I am wishing you and your Pa good luck today. I'm in my 30s also, and my Dad was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in January 04. So I kind of understand how you're feeling now. My advice would be to try your best to stay positive, especially around your Pa, be there for him, and pray : )

Best Wishes~

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very important that you are with him today and the next 5 weeks-keep the shiny side up-it has a healing effect. Bud

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I'm hoping that your dad's treatment went well today. One day down....it will pass quickly.


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We hope that your dad can get thru this with as few side-effects as possible. Keep in mind that his emotions and feelings may change during his chemo. The poison they give us can have some strange effects. Cut him some slack....he'll be fine!
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Pia - I hope to see you posting on here to keep us updated on your pa. How old is he? From my experience with chemo, the early treatments weren't too bad with side effects - after 10 treatments, I live with fatigue, weakness, tingliness, and aches, but they're only enough to slow me down a bit and not stop me completely. I never had to have the radiation thing, but I've heard that can burn, so please let us know how your daddy is doing, ok? We care!

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