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small cell cancer throat/lymph nodes (no lung or brain involvement)

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My dad has recently been diagnosed with small cell cancer of the throat and lymph nodes. They originaaly thought that he had laryngeal cancer and large cell lymphoma but have ruled that out after doing a biopsy of his throat. He was diagnosed on July 14, 2005) and has just begun IV chemo today (Aug 2, 2005). He will not be undergoing radiation and they are saying they do not want to operate on him. I have been researching this type of cancer and have only been able to find out about lung cancer treatments and prognosis, I have been unable to find out about the type of cancer that he has. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am at a loss right now and do not know where to look for help. I'd also like to know if he is receiving chemo to make him more comfortable rather than using chemo to put his cancer in remission. Please help!

A loving daughter

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My mom has just been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma of the esophogus with bone mets. She will be starting chemo on Monday, as well. I too have not found much info on small cell of esophogus, only lung. However, our doc, said that it progresses very quickly, therefore, the need to act quickly with chemo and radiation. He also stated small cell is very sensitive to chemo and radiation and that there is a 80% success rate. I understand and know what your going through!! My prayers are with you and your family.

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Hello , I have cancer in the tosil and lymph node , have just had 25 radiation treatments and I am recovering at home , been seven weeks now , if I can help you with any information please just ask... Emm

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