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Does anyone have experience taking high does casodex(150 mg) after radiation treatment...My PSA has gone from .01 to .03 to .08 to 1.4 in the last six months.


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    I believe that nodawgs is on the 150 mg Casodex - send him an email from his personal web page and he is likely to reply.

    I am on 50 mg daily Casodex due to the PSA rising from 0.1 to 0.3 over a nearly 6-year period. After being on the drug for 4 months, the PSA was back down to 0.1, exactly where it was soon after my surgery. I am on monotherapy. I don't know how long its effect will hold out (according to nodawgs, about 3-4 years) but for now, it seems to be doing a good job. I go Sept 15th for a checkup, so will know better then as I will have been on the drug for 16 months.