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Help....sings of throat cancer

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I am looking for sings of throat cancer.If anyone can help??? My brother is having trouble and we cant find out what is going on..he flles like there is a lump in his throat( not a phyical lump) and it has been going on for 4 weeks.Real dry mouth.doc gave an antibioctic with no help.If anyone has had this or knows what it could be please let me kow.Thank you

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Don't mess around with it, go to the eye, ear and throat doctor, if it is something, the faster the better to find out, good luck

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I agree with others get him to etn specilaist
I have just had biopsy, no syptoms other than the lump.My specialist had saying which I ignored"if it is not broked why fix it?"-- better to have general anaesthetic for biopsy and get a result one way or the other.Peace of mind for family as well as the patient

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Don't wait to get it checked. Cancer does not wait. I waited, stalled several months. It cost me my vocal cords and resulted in a total larngectomy. They removed 10 tumors. It did not feel all that serious. Just one continous sore throat. Don't play with this. Best of Luck and Wishes.

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I had no symptoms also. I had a knot come up on the right side of my neck after a three hour nap. Doctors treated it with antibiotics for three weeks and said it was a blocked salava gland. Did biopsy and throat cancer. Did all the necessary treatments at MD Anderson and back to work after one year..Still cancer free after six months.

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My story is a little similar, at least with the none to minimal symptoms and first MD trying to treat it with antibiotics...

BTW, you do know this original post is six years old with no replies until yours...LOL.

Just saying....


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