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ct scan all clear

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Hi everyone,
My ct scan was excellent, according to my onc, and all my bloodwork came back good too! I am completely relieved and hope that everyone else gets good news on their tests!
On the other hand, then what is causing me to be in pain? I have pelvic and butt pain on and off and all my joints ache. I'm hobbling around like I'm 80 and no one seems to have any answers. It is very frustrating. If anyone has anything similar or any ideas please feel free to tell me.
Thanks to all of you for all the support and kindness that you sent my way!
Take care,

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Jamie - so happy for you......!!! Now, let' s take it one positive step at a time!! Your CT was clear. DANCE!!
Now, let's think about stuff....maybe a little nervousness.... a little stress.
You are doin' good!! Maybe paranoid - like me???
I am thrilled for you. Enjoy it!!!!!
Much love, Maura

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I'm very happy for you. Don't know the cause of your symptoms. Perhaps after effects of treatment? I assume you are going to follow up with your primary care doctor. I hope she/he comes up with an answer for you soon.

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Hard to smile when you've got a sore arse and muscle ache I know but do allow yourself a brief celebration- that is fabulous news. Hard to live with the uncertainty of what is causing your symptoms but must be a relief to know at least everything looks okay from teh tumour point of view. Sorry can't add anything more to enlighten on cause of symptoms,

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Hiya Jamie. I was thinking of you while doing my tests..you and Maura. Now both of you have come up trumps so we are really happy for you. Jamie, are you still having treatment? If you are or are not far out from it remember that it effects everyone differently. Make sure you keep pestering your doc if it seems to be too unusual.
Nothing worse than feeling crappy. Hope you can find a reason,
huggs, Ross n Jen

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Hi Jamie.

First off, Congratulations on your good news. Nothing feels better than this kind of good news.

So, you feel like you are 80? That's exactly what I was telling my internist and oncologist last week. My feet hurt everytime I get up from even the shortest rest, my muscles and bones are achey almost all the time.

They say they don't know what it is. Gees, there's a first!

I thinkit has to do with the chemo effecting the bones and everything. I'm not saying I was in excellent physical condition before my treatments, but I was pretty damn well near it. Now, I hobble around like my arthritic ( sp?) father.

I just keep eating well, getting back to my martial arts, swim and walking. I'm hoping that I will eventually feel like the spring, chipper 43 yr.old that I know is in there.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Barb ( who can't imagine what I'll be feeling when I REALLY get OLD!!!)

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I am sorry to hear about the pain -- but overjoyed with the NED

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Hi Jamie,
Great news on the scan! Enjoy that; I do hope someone can figure out the pain part. I have had a lot of hip discomfort in the past year; workup has been negative...not even a lot of joint changes at 54!, but my massage therapist says that hip and pelvic pain is common among a lot of her lady patients. Massage and gentle stretching exercises seem to help. Good luck, Judy

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Honey, they blow air up there to get the wand around. Didn't they warn you about GAS!!!!! Walking will help get it out. That is all it is. AND CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! I'm doing the happy dance for you, Ross, Maura and now Steve!!!!!!

Lisa P.

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Jamie -
So excited for your results; but I don't want to discount your comments about not feeling well. Chemo does such horrible things to our systems.....really does. I hope you are gaining strength and feeling less uncomfortable. And i hope you are able to celebrate your great results. All the best - Maura

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Congratulations!! And also best of luck in finding out the source of the pelvic pain!


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Hi everyone,
Thanks for all your responses. In answer to some of them: Yes, I'm going to celebrate! I just haven't figured out how yet. I haven't had any chemo since the beginning of February. Yes, I'm extremely stressed out and probably somewhat paranoid. I have already seen my primary care physician. She told me the same thing she always tells me, to lose weight. She didn't have any answers either, but I will go see her again and insist that she find some. In the meantime, it's the beginning of a beautiful weekend which I plan to enjoy!
Thanks everyone,

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Glad to hear about your wonderful results!

I had similar achs and pains following my chemo (5-fu/leu). The onc said it had nothing to do with the treatment... What's new??? Have a look at the symptoms for "Fibromyalgia" and see if that seems to fit what you have. Thankfully my symptoms gradually faded over a few months, but there are medications you can take.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.


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I looked up Fibromyalgia symptoms and it sounds just like what I have. I will mention this to my doctor when I go and see what she says. Thank You so much! At least now I don't feel like a total nut case!

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Jamie -- please don't ever feel like a nut case. My husband would tell me I'm the pot calling the kettle black, but I digress.

I also had a lot of muscle stiffness and felt like an 80 year old for a while after finishing treatments (I was 39 at the time). I think time is the key. I also started seeing a chiropractor because all those months of limited activity, my posture was terrible and my spine was all screwed up. I saw the chiropractor 3 times a week for a month and I felt much better.

P.S. Congrats on the clear test results! Here's to many many more!

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