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waiting for test results

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To everyone waiting for test results, Ross, Maura and everyone else, let's all hold hands. Together we can send support, prayers and positive energy around the world! I'm probably in for another night of tossing and turning, but it really helps to know that you are all thinking of me.
Thanks and know that I am also thinking of you!

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I will say an extra prayer for good results to come your way (and for all of the semi-colons who are going through tests). The waiting game is almost the hardest part of going through cancer. Please, let us know as soon as you can.

I have to be up in... oh... 4 hours or so to make the long 4 hour drive for my PET/CT tomorrow. I'm definitely up for joining hands.

Take care,


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I'm joining hands with you to build up that positive energy. You are all in my prayers.

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Hi Jamie,
Thanks for your post. It's a great idea......
Waiting for my ride - as I write this - for my colonoscopy. Just a reminder, I needed a ride home and I called our local ACS office. People are so incrdedibly nice. With friends working during the day, the volunteer drivers have saved me many times. All the best to everyone - testing or not!!
Cheers - Maura

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Jamie....you can all join hands......kanga's going one better!!!
Major bear huggs for all!!!!
Ross((((((((((((((((((my family)))))))))))))))Jen
I have some news on my previous post Jamie.
An extra big huggie for Jamie, Maura and Patricia.
Ross((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Jamie, Maura, Patricia)))))))))))))))))))))))))))Jen
I think the song and wording goes like this,
Amigos para siempre'
"Friends for life"

......my spelling may be all tiswas tho!!lol!
luv you guys.

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Sending powerful good vibes your way. Try to remain calm... and keep yourself busy until the results come in. Be well, jana

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