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terminal cervical cancer

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hi my name is kristi and I am 34 years old. I was diagnosed with cervical ca.in 2000 I had 5 weeks of external radiation and 2 internal radiaation implants. Well, in 2002 the cancer came back and it was on my spine and pressing on my siatic nerve and making it hard for me to walk. So, i had 2 weeks of radiation and a whole year of chemo. well, in 2004 the cancer had came back again and it was on my right lung. They did 2 weeks of radiation. then this year it is back on my right lung and on the right side of my neck. I received 2 weeks of radiation and 3 brachytherapy implants. So, far I think the one in my lung maybe gone, but the one in my neck has returned. The radiation doctor says no more radiaiton for me that i am maxxed out. surgery is out of the question and my chemo doctor says for me to prepare for the worst but hope for the best because they were running out of options for me. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions or has anyone had the similar experience and would like to share it with me? I am getting down and depressed and afraid that there is nothing else they can do. please anyone if you can help i would greatly appreciate it.

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Wow Kristi, I wish I did have some new great ideas for you but I don't. I just wanted to tell you that I think you are amazing and you sound like a real fighter. You have been so strong. Don't give up. Do you have a strong support circle? You will be in my prayers. I check this site often so if you need someone (other than family)to vent to or just someone to listen email me on this site or reply here.

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Oh Krisi, I am so sorry. I read your post and just started to cry, because I wish I could just talk to you. Couple of questions. Did this start as Cervical Cancer, from Dysplasia? I had been diagnosed with cervicval dysplasia back in 2000 and have not done anything about it. I have been getting a numbing sensation in my Left leg, kinda at the back and also have experienced worsening back pain. I had thought that my cyatic(?) nerve has been pinched, more times then not actually. I have a Dr. Appointment on the 29th and I am afraid that my dysplasia has turned into full blown cancer such as yourself. I have also notice my eye sight is getting worse. Did you experience that? I would love to chat with you on this board, someone who is going through so much, I would love to try and help you with what I can, and if you can direct me I would be greatful. I had been taking pills called Betamannan supplements, they boost your immune system, they might help you get through bad days...

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Hi Kristi. Getting depressed is natural, but your not alone. I was in the middle of my many crying chemo "why me" episodes, when my mother told me of a woman who was told to go home and get her affairs together that her cervical cancer was too far gone. She went home looked at her kids and decided to live. she decided to change her eating habits and begin excercising. whole foods, anti-oxidents. No cokes no additives, preservatives. alot of what we eat have cancer causing agents. She decided to boost her immune levels without any doctors. Every doctor she tried to see turned her away telling her there was no hope. The human will is a powerful thing. Some people accept what is said and they go home to die because the doctor said they would. I finally saw her on tv telling her story. Mom was right. She is still living and is 41 years old 10 years after she was told she would die. Choose to live Kristi, if its in God's will You will outlive the best of us. You will be in my prayers. Keep fighting soldier.

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Hi Kristi, I understand your depression I fight it also...I know that you've probally been told a million times but it really is so very important to keep a positive outlook even in the worst of times...it's easy to say if you are not there yourself... but I feel I may soon have the oppotunity myself to practice this. I had cervical cancer in 1996 and had 6 weeks of radiation and 2 implants...the cancer came back in 1998 and my doctor gave me 6 to 18 months to live but he also told me about a surgery (pelvic exenteration) that could give me some time. So I had the surgery and he told me that he felt he got it all and that I was free of cancer...that was 7 years ago. I am experencing some pain in my back and right hip that is going down to my leg...at times it is very painful. Your message said that you had the cancer come back on your spine and was pressing on your sciatc nerve. I wanted to talk with you about that if you are up to it. I'll be making an apointment in the next day or two when I feel I am sure of what's happening. I can relate to your fears Kristi...but I am truly trying to lean on God and trust that He will not allow anything to happen to me that is not in His plan but if he allows the cancer to come back then I must accept it. I believe God will help us to get through this Kristi and I'm here for you if you need to talk ok! God Bless...

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I sure do wish you'd e-mail me!
Charlotte, charbo814@aol.com

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princess33,I am so Sorry you or anyone has to go throgh cancer once but 2 or more times.You are a Very STRONG Lady! Has anyone told you about 3 WONDERFULLY Helpful Books by Bernie S. Siegel,MD? If not have someone get them for you or get them from a library.Uplifting & Very Inspiering."Love,Peace & Miracles" Peace,Love & Healing" &"How To Live Between Office Visits".If you need someone to talk to you can Email me Anytime at cindigoesindigo@netzero.net THINKING OF & PRAYING FOR YOU! Good Luck & All My Best Wishes.LOVE,PEACE & HAPPINESS,cindi PS~ I did have Breast cancer(2 Masectomys)& their doing a Laperoscopy to Biopsy some tumors,cysts & polops to see if their cancerous.So I do Understand some of what your going through.

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Hi princess33, I am new here and I am sorry to hear this, I indeed know how that feels. I wanted to give you a big hug >. I am too, was diagnozed with cervical cancer, adenocarcinoma- had to go through all the treatments, surgery, chemo and radiation. Princess33, you'll always be in my prayer. Believe it or not, there is nothing impossible in God's eye, Let it be done to me according to His words, that's how I was thought to pray. I'll also pray for more strength for you. Keep up a good job, princess33-

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Last post here was 2006 I wonder what happened to people who posted I ese told on June 21 2016 there is nothing else they can do then sent home I felt lost this team of docs I had for almost 2 yrs how disappointing and hurtful

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im sorry your doctors have given you this news.  I hope you can find peace.  Continue to care for yourself.  The fat lady hasn't sung yet.  Hugs.

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2changes, I am so sorry to hear your news.  You have every right to feel hurt and disappointed and few other things as well.  Some people only post once or twice, they may not come back to the page if they don't see a lot of traffic, others sadly may not be with us anymore.  I stopped to say a prayer for you right now as I pray for all the warriors in this incredible fight.

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