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ct scan tomorrow

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Hi everyone,
I hope that you're all having a good day. I am having a ct scan of my pelvic area tomorrow because I've been having some pain there. My onc thinks it will show scar tissue from surgery and radiation damage but I'm really nervous about it, of course. Everything will probably turn out fine, but I needed to express my feelings and I know that you all understand.

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Hi Jamie,
I understand your nervousness. I so much hope that everything turns out fine for you. It seems as if there is always someone having a test...I start a prep for an endoscopy/colonocopy on Thursday; I am nervous as well. Wishing you the very best; and I hope you don't have to wait long for results.

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Jamie and Maura!
Hoping all comes out clean.

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Hi Jamie and Maura.....I'll hold your hands if yah hold mine babes. I am in for scans in the morning( that would be thursday/tomorrow here).
Not CT's......over here thay are too stingy to do that..costs too much metinks. Nup..I get ultrasounds but they do the whole abdominal thing Kidneys, spleen etc etc...but mainly they spend heaps of time on the liver. The good part about it is I see a lovely young lassie called Julie-Anne and although she is not supposed to comment on what she sees, she does usually tell me if I should "be cool". That means she did not see anything that worried her. I know that she can't say for sure until the specialist sees the pictures but at least she tries to put my mind at rest. Beats waiting for 5 days for the complete report!
We wish you both the very best gals. Here's a hugg just for you,

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You got it; we'll all be holding hands. I don't know if it is cheapness or not, though - about the scan vs. ultrasound. Do you think? To be honest, I prefer less radiation....less invasiveness with dyes.....Lisa Rose mentioned Canada doing less CT scans as well...
Anyway, I'll be asking for a copy of the report on Friday; that way I won't have to worry until Monday's doc appt.; this one does have me anxious.
Thanks again for your good wishes - and your's too, Mary. Best of luck to you, Ross.....and "be cool"!!

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Jamie, Maura and Ross,

I KNOW you all will be ok, but I am saying some extra prayers.


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Best of luck to you both. We'll be waiting for your results. Judy

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Best of luck to Jamie, Maura, and Kanga. Let us know how things turn out.

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