Two weeks to surgey (ARP) and the catheter

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I have read many of the messages on the board and I appreciate learning what everyone has shared with the group. I haven't read any comments about having the catheter in for two weeks. What can I expect to go thru with respect to the two weeks with the cath. I'm concerned about that (the cath) because one doctor said "your going to hate that catheter". (Not at the hospital I'll be going to).


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    Hi Breadmond,

    The catheter will be more of a nuisance than anything else. There will be a tube running into a bag, which can be attached to your thigh. At night it can be attached to your bed-rail. There is no pain involved, just a nuisance. Having to be emptied, removed during showers, etc.

    I had mine in for 10 days and was really dreading removal, painwise. However, it did not give me any pain at all.

    Best of luck on your surgery and keep us posted on your progress. For personal questions you don't want to post, feel free to e-mail me at my personal address, listed in my profile.

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    I had my catheter removed June 30th. I agree with Roger it is more of a nuisance than anything. I told everyone it was like having a baby. You take it everywhere, you feed it, change it, clean it and protect it. Only trouble is you can't say "Honey I'm tired could you take care of it for a couple of hours." Honestly it is not that bad. I walked 2 miles everyday with it, played golf and did various household chores. The removal was no big deal just a little discomfort. The only problem I had was the cystagram(sp) or pressure test they gave me before removal. I have never heard of anyone else complain of this but either my bladder was very tender or they over did it. Anyway it was the most pain I endured the whole time. If you want to read my whole story you can go to this website
    Good Luck,
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    I had pain (lots!) whenever I walked for the first day or so. The nurse determined it was a combination of irritation and the catheter sticking. I started using a lubricant (like K-Y jelly) and it worked its way in and solved the problem. After that it was like the others said - a nuisance but no big deal. I had a carry-around bag (larger volume) for home/nights and a thigh bag (smaller volume) for getting out and walking, etc. I apparently missed the removal. They may have sprayed a little topical antisthetic but whatever I didn't feel anything. They had me wander around the subway area (Mayo in Rochester) for a couple of hours until I pee'd and was sure things were working. After I checked back to confirm I was OK they sent me on my way.

    Jim in Des Moines
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    Roger, Jsmith and Jim in DesMoines...Thank you for your comments. You make me feel better. I have a fantastic surgeon, so my mind is at ease in respect to the RP and post-op.
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    breadmond said:

    Roger, Jsmith and Jim in DesMoines...Thank you for your comments. You make me feel better. I have a fantastic surgeon, so my mind is at ease in respect to the RP and post-op.

    I had my cath in for 3 weeks, 21 days!!! After that long, I was sad to see it go( just kidding). Everything everyone said applies to me also. Your urine will go thru some color changes, different shades of yellow, red, a few clots. Don't get to worried. I noticed what I had to eat affected the results. On that 22nd day, I asked the nurse, " when are you going to remove this thing?'. she said it's out already. That's how much I felt it coming out, no pain at all.I also was able to pee right away. I had my surgery Feb 4 and I have been pad free for about 7 weeks. good luck.