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Anyone heard of Dr. Andrea Sullivan?

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Hi all - This is a long shot. But, has anyone, in the DC area or elsewhere heard of Dr. Andrea Sullivan - a nauturopath who also has a Ph.D in an unrelated topic?

At work my department secretary swears by her. Her sister has breast cancer and while she did chemo too, she also spent much time with this woman, is as of last week NED (I love that term!) and attributes much to the nutritional advice she received.

So, I'm curious. Her web site (http://www.drandreasullivan.com/dr_sullivan.html)turns me off a bit as she requires a deposit 3 weeks in advance of intial visit, but I could live with that. However, I read a review of her book and while generally positive it did mention that she believes the CIA manufactured and implanted AIDS in Africa to reduce world population, especially among people of color. SO, I start to think, NUT? Yet, Bev (my secretary) is so rational and I wonder if going to see her could do anything but help.

Given there seem to be DC area folks here, I thought I'd ask just on the off chance...........

Betsy (please don't laugh)

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