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Please Help me understand

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Almost 2 years ago I had an abnormal pap. The Doctor tested the culture for HPV (which was positive) and then tested it for which strain of HPV. It came back positive for the highly cancerous strain of HPV. I was pregnant, so further testing was put on hold. 5 Months after the delivery of my baby I was scheduled for a colposcopy and biopsy's. The Doctor said there was nothing to worry about, that the colpo looked good and she expected the biopsy's to be fine as well. I did not worry and as she said everything was fine. That was 11 months ago. This past week I went in for another Colpo and the doctor told me before hand that she did not expect to be doing any biopsy's. She began doing the Colpo and said I had progressed quite a bit. That I have several lesions on my cervix and one large lesion leading into my cervical canal. Obviously, she did biopsy's and a scraping. I am terrified that not only has my mild dysplasia turned into cancer but that it is spreading or has already spread. What does this mean? It will be 4 weeks until I get my results. If someone has a similar experience.... Please help.

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I had a similar experience with the colposcopy results looking good and then a year later I had high grade squamous cells and adenocarcinoma. My doctors now believe that my doctor had missed my cancer for a year or so or that he had done the colposcopy wrong. Sadly I had to have a hysterectomy in 2001. The cancer had spread into my lymph nodes. So far I have continued to be cancer free. I go back in August for my 2 year check up. I know this is ridiculous to say but...try not to freak out too bad yet. You don't have all the info yet. When I met with the ob/gyn after the idiot doctor referred me out, he told me things did not look good and he believed that I had may have the fight of my life on my hands. After an internal ultrasound and more tests we knew this was beatable. The only advice I have is try to stay calm and focussed. Once you have the info take a day to do your own research, demand second opinions (if you need to) and make calm informed decisions. The tests may come back not as bad as you think. My doctor once thought my ovary was enlarged and he really freaked me out...turns out it was pushed forward due to constipation!! Wait for the results then take it day by day. You will be in my prayers. Email me if you need to talk.

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I had an abnormal pap some 9 years back, i was 18 and i remember the HPV positive test result. I was really young and just found out i was pregnant. I left myself in the hands of doctors. No one ever said any thing after that. So i figured i was ok. my career and life got so busy i never went back to have a pap, i was feeling fine so i figured everything would be fine. In April 2005 after forceful vagingal bleeding several times I finally went to the gynocologist and was diagnosed with cervical cancer. It actually was diagnosed within 48 hours after the biopsy and CT scan was completed. Try a gyn-oncologist. 4 weeks is not right.
I was not a candidate for surgery. i have spent the last 3 months in chemo, external and internal radiation. I think it is going to be ok. I dont have the results yet. Dont be afraid of the results, your physician caught it. Now you have to be strong and look ahead.

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