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Good News!

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The biopsy was negative for recrrent cancer at the incision site. The uterine biopsy was negative as well. Things seem to be good (I don't want to count any chickens) woohooo!!!!
The Doc says, "You have about three years now, right?" I said 3 and 1/2! I am inching toward 5. He says 5 is an arbitrary number(I said nuh-uh, I really did!) and that I am more likely to get any cancer anywhere than someone else. I said "I live a clean life and smiled big." He said "YOU , know...."
I told him to give me a break.
Man, can a semi-colon get a break????!!!!
I feel great and am back at the gym.
Thank you all for your interest and support.
What do your docs say about the 5 year thing? I am interested to hear.
Love and Hugs,

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whooo hoooo does the happy dance for ya... @@@&&*****^^%%%^^^ whoa once i get all this in motion i cant stop..haaaaa haaaaaaaaa... so glad you have good news.. my doc doesnt really bring up the 5 year number.. but I only had surgery a year ago this august..hey does that count as one year..???

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Some doctors seem to feel that even three years without a recurrence is a good sign but even though five years is the usual, I guess we all have to realize that we need to be vigilant at all times and check any suspicious signs or symptoms.

Congrats on the result....enjoy it!


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Hi Taunya,

Hey, I'm celebrating any great reports from anyone on this site. YAHOO!!!!!

I haven't talked about the 5 year thing with my doc either, since I'm just through the one year gate. But THAT felt significant. THREE AND A HALF YEARS is definitely something to line up those chickens about. No, really, I'm an "expect the worst and be thrilled with the best" kiind of coper, but I also believe in marking the milestones. When I get to five years there will be a big party.

CONGRATULATIONS on these reports.

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Great news--Thanks for sharing!

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Congratulations on the great news, enjoy and thank God for all his blessings.


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Hi Taunya,

FANTASTIC NEWS!!! Love it, just love it. 2 great reports today. It's a good day here on Semi-Colon street!

I started talking to my colorectal surgeon about 3 yrs. , 5 yrs. I was 1 year out from my surgery. Know what he said? "You're cured." Know what? I took that and ran with it. It is all I needed to hear. What will come, will come. I'm not thinking about that now.

So...go celebrate!!! Fantastic.

Love to you


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Yea!!! Horrah!!! Congratulations!!!!

My doctor told me that 5 year used to be considered the cut-off for 'cured' but, fortunately and unfortunately, they increasingly see recurrences after 5 years, because the treatment methods have improved so much. On the other hand, he told me the chances of recurrence drop dramatically once you pass the 2 year mark.

For me, I take every and all opportunities to celebrate -- every landmark and anniversary.


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Yea, you have every reason to celebrate!!!!!!!! Congrats. jana

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I'm so happy for you!

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Congratulations Taunya!

I just cannot get enough of these inspirational "good news" stories! It's just so good to hear about them. Keep up the good work, get to the five year mark and then well beyond it!


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Congrats on your good news. I'm very happy for you. It is inspiring to hear this good news. Since I'm still fighting this stage 4 thing i haven't talked to the doc about 3, 5, whatever years yet. Sure hope i get the chance some day. Your story gives me hope.

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Congratulations Taunya! I was going to do tha Bruce Willis(last boy scout) jig but Jen told me to get orf tha table before I fell orf!!
So I will concentrate my efforts on a hugg from us sweetie.
I was told by my lady doctor(lady doctors are my preferred gp...lol!) that 5 years would be good. At 5 she will tell me to go hibernate for 12 months then come back n see her. She said that after 7 years if all is still well she will tell me to permanently "piss orf".........scusey my french guys!!
I guess the docs all have their own way of expressing time schedules.
All tha best Taunya,

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Happy Dance!!!!

That is great news!

My onc said it's rare in colon cancer to have anything pop up after 3 years. We know it's not impossible but it gets more rare. I'll take that!!

But for today you do not have cancer right? So there.

peace, emily who is heading into the 4 year mark next month.

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