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Symptoms previous cervical cancer survivors had in early stages of diagnosis

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Hello I'm 23 year old and I work for an OB/GYN and i am just learning about this new side of abnormal paps. I got my first abnormal pap this month and I have Low Grade Squamous Cells present with high risk HPV. I had a colposcopy and biopsy. So i am waiting ot hear back next week for the results. Now my question here is. I've been having bleeding after intercourse, my cervix hurts if my partner penetrates to deeply, and I urinate constantly. I feel like I have to urinate all the time. One and a half months ago I had a UTI... That is all cleared up now, but since then my urinary system is all messed up. I did some research and these symptoms are symptoms of cervical cancer..... so.. I am thinking that maybe there is a growth pushign on my bladder. I also smoked for 5 years and took birth control at the same time. I also read that that highers the risk. So, i am wondering if it is possible that there is cancer and it's past my cervix. But considering i had a pap last oct and it was completly normal. and this month July is is abnormal i wonder how much damage could possibly have been done. Any ideas, suggestions, and symptoms you can share with me. I would be greatful.

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You may want to contact the American Cancer Society's National Cancer Information Center. Cancer Information Specialists are available 24 hours a day and can assist you with your questions. They can be reached at 1-800-227-2345 or by clicking on the "Contact ACS" link at the top of the page.

Take care and be well,

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I just read your message and thought that maybe I could help you. I just recently had surgery due to recurrent cervical cancer. Last year I had been having some trouble due to fibroids and my gyno suggested a hysterectomy if they got too bad. I had put it off for a while.

Then last June, I too began having pelvic pain and started bleeding everytime I had sex. I thought it was the fibroids, and decided to have the hysterectomy. Well, during the hysterectomy is when they found that I had the beginnings of cervical cancer. I ended up taking radiation treatments, etc. and ended up having a recurrence. So in 11 months time I've had 2 surgeries and a bout of radiation treatments due to cervical cancer. Keep in mind that I had never in my life had an abnormal pap smear. I religiously had a pap smear every year since I was out of high school. I'm 41 now. My gyno said that due to where my cancer was located (in the center of my cervix), that regular pap smears would never have picked it up.

What you are saying concerns me. I have heard of a blood test called C125 (I hope that's right) that tests your blood to see if you have cervical cancer. I don't know it that will help or not, but you definately need to see a doctor and tell her your concerns and your problems. Please don't wait around too long.... I don't want you to end up like me.


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The blood test is CA125 this blood test can be miss leading sometimes because of other factors not necessarily cancer, but if you have already been diagnosed with cancer the results of this test tells if the cancer is getting worse or not. I hope this fyi helps.

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I was told 4 years ago that I had a sagging uterus and that the bleeding I experinced was do to a sloughing of the cells when straining etc. The GYN dr said she could not do a pap smear unless I had not bleed for at least 5 days. or the pap smears would come backe abnormal. (it was a clinic) she said dont come back if I am bleeding. Well the last 3 weeks I have bleed non stop I went to a new Gyn DR. He said I have cervical cancer. I am scared to death he said the cervex is completly destroyed. one positive sign he said was taht he could still feel all away around my cervex on the our side. Altought my Bladder is a little grainy he said the incontents is due to the fax there is not enough of my cervex to support it.I am having some constipation too.Are these the symptoms of stage 3 or 4?

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