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Help...Colon Cancer mets to liver

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My father had colon resection surgery in 1993 which removed a huge tumor and 1996 for another tumor. Both followed with rounds of chemo. He then went to the oncologist every 6 months and received a clean bill of health after that.
He stopped going to routine check ups with the oncologist in roughly 2002. Now he is finally returning to the doctor with a possible liver cancer diagnosis (no symptoms, CAT scan detection). The doctor also felt the tumor in the liver which he said is about 1/3 of his liver.
Biopsy scheduled for tomorrow but I assume it is secondary liver cancer. The doctor said get ready for chemo.
Since I believe the tumor is very large does anyone have experience with a resection of the liver for a tumor that covers 1/4 -1/3 of the liver ?
if anyone has any similar experience like this please let me know what to expect or possible treatments they may offer.
I'm not sure which is worse knowing or not knowing the results...
Thank you!

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There is a chemical exposure that is very common place and affects many people these past 70+ years. It targets many organs/glands simultaneously so not necessarily a metastasizing that's going on. Liver, kidneys, CNS ... many, many things. I shared some info with a doctor here: http://www.valdezlink.com/gwv/dr_wm.htm

& with Lucy here: http://www.valdezlink.com/pages/dad-kidneyliver.htm

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I myself have metastasis to the liver. I have the symptoms as well (Carcinoid Syndrome). I've been actively undergoing treatment for the last year. It's been almost a month since your posting to this site. If all your questions have not been answered please feel free to post a reply. I'll be happy to tell you exactly what I've been undergoing to this date.

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WJM,,,did docs ever suggest SANDOSTATIN LAR? my wife is almost cooking cutter of yours,,ie diagnosed in 96 and has taken this shot al this time,,,liver getting worse and trying to figure out next step..we jsut learned about this YTTRIUM-90 but not sure she is a candidate yet...find out next week.

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I don't know what your doctors recommended, nor what treatment you may have chosen, but I do know that when my wife was diagnosed with cancer in the liver (probably primary, not met), they were able to remove 70& of her liver. I think much depends on where in the liver the tumor is.

God bless. I'll say a prayer.

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