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CA-125 is going up

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I had 6 treatments of Taxol and Carboplantin, my CA-125 did not go below 42, after a month of no treatment it rose to 57. I recently started a year of monthly Taxol treatments and am anxious to get my new numbers. I am Stage 3c and am worried that the treatment did not work.

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Hi joancagle,
It's strange that you should post your message as I just found out that I'm in the same boat. After 11 rounds of carbo/taxotere, and a year of maintenance taxotere (finished in April), my CA-125 is also creeping up. I am Stage 3B. I will be going back on to the maintenance therapy starting next Thursday and feel much as you do (that it may not have worked). I'm afraid I can't say too much more, other than to let you know that you are not alone. All of us are in this fight together. I hope that the maintenance treatments will work for you and get your number low - very low.
I hesitate to even post as I don't want to upset you any further, I just felt the need to come here today as I too am looking for some words of strength as I get back onto this rollercoaster.
Keep the faith, be strong and kick this cancer's butt!
Be well. You'll be in my thoughts.

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Thank you so much for writing. I know that I am not alone, but I have not found anyone who is in the same boat. When were you diagnoised? Did you have surgery and then start treatments? How old are you. As for me I found out in December 2004, I had a hard 8 hour surgery and then a week out of the hospital my incision broke open. Fortunately, I was in the doctor's office when it happend, another week in the hospital, then did not start chemo for about six weeks. What are your numbers(CA-125) and how fast are they creeping up.
Hope I am not asking too many personal questions. My email is joan_cagle@bellsouth.net if you wish to email me. I am 58 with 3 great grandchildren, I work for the Navy as a software engineer. They have been great, right now I am working from home so I can take my treatments without being around all of the idiots that go to work sick..LOL. Thanks again for answering, you will also be in my thoughts and prayers.

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This is my first time on this website and also felt compelled to answer. I was diagnosed on Sept. 16 2003. They are treating me as if I have ovarian cancer, however it is coming from an unknown primary source. When I was first diagnosed, I was retaining fluid (I didn't know what it was at the time). The less I ate, the bigger I got. When I finally went to the emergency room, as I saw a Dr. and she sent me home with Prilosec and wanted to see me in 10 days. I told my husband - we're going to the ER. There is something wrong and I need to find out what it is. I had all tests, scans, etc. They could not find any mis-shapen anything, no tumors, no cysts, etc. However, the fluid was full of cancer cells. I went on Taxol/Carbo for 6 mo. My CA125 was 2000 when I first started. The chem made it go down to 20. I was in remission for 6 mo, then it came back. I have been fighting it since Sept. '04 again, with no avail. I was sent to Sarah Canon Cancer Research for treatment there. At first the chemo (Apothalone & oral Xeloda) seemed to work. But now, it's not working either. My CA125 is back up to almost 1000. I go back in tomorrow to discuss other options.
I read where your e-mail address is @ bellsouth.net so I figured you must be close. I live in Goodlettsville, TN. Where are you located? I also have bellsouth for my personal e-mail address. I will be 60 in Nov. I have 7 grandchildren. 5 girls, 2 boys. I am still working too - the co. I work for has been wonderful to me. There are only 6 people that work in the same building that I do, and I have a private office. If someone does come in an not feel good - I try to keep segregated. My work e-mail address is: cheryl.ground@elkbrand.com, my personal is: tncheryl6@bellsouth.net. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I am so sorry to hear your count is going up,I am also stage 3c,my last count was 17 so that is good but I always get a little nervous when it is time to go back to the dr. and it is time. I go every 4 months now and I have been having some problems, Looks like from the post you are from TN so am I. You will be in my prayers and as Georgette says keep the faith and keep fighting. Jan

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