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transplant bowel for esophagus

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My dad has throat cancer and went through radiation and chemo last summer. In March of this year he had to have his larnyx removed because the cancer was back. Last week we learned the cancer has returned again and they are planning surgery next week to take a portion of his bowel and rebuild an esophagus after taking out another section where the cancer is located. Has anyone heard of this or know about the procedure and its success/failure rates?

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Greetings. There is a procedure called a "colon-interposition" where a section of colon is used to replace the esophagus. This is normally done for people with cancer of the esophagus. I suggest you go to Cathy's EC Cafe at "www.eccafe.org" and check out the resources there. The EC Group link allows you to contact a large group of patients and caregivers. They can also direct you to the appropriate information. Good luck on your quest. Bruce

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