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Can anyone help

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Hi, My husband has had prostate cancer for some years and has exhausted all the traditional medical treatments. I have been doing some research on alternative treatments and find quite often reference to an Australian aboriginal bush remedy which is reported to have some very positive results. The plant is a Australian native bush "scaevola spinescens maroon bush" which is used as an infusion or drink. I understand the plant scaevola spinescens maroon bush is available and would like to know from anyone who has used it and of course any results. Thanks.

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Hi I am from the UK and have had trouble getting my PSA down after an RP and radiotherapy. I haven't tried the Aussie remedy but have tried dietary control which I got from a book by a female professor whose breast cancer would not go away. The book is Your Life in Your Hands ISBN 0-7535-0850-8 her name is Jane Plant. Breast and Prostrate cancers are both Hormonal and therefore she looks at both. The bottom line is cut out all diary,red meat, alcohol,coffee, tea, wheat plus some others that make the body acidic....cancer cells are not supposed to be able to live in an alkaline body. Go organic...the french call it biologique...the food is more expensive but tastes better.

My PSA is lower 0.22 and my scan is negative even though I do drink organic red wine in moderation.

If you can't get your aussie plant then you might try this regime. I did rigorously for 3 months then eased off on coffee 2 or 3 a week and went organic with red wine at weekends. Try some soya in salads get marinated otherwise its tasteless.

This doesn't answer your question but I hope it helps

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We too have lived with Jane Plant diet for over two years. As of this summer we have added some diary but no meat. Husband had a psa of 60, he had radiation in 2003, told they could keep him alive with lupron for about 6 years. He refused it and we went with herbs and diet. Psa is .8 at present. We drink a lot of green tea. I had bc in 2002 so needless to say it was easy for us to give up white sugar[cancer grows on sugar] most white flour, and all meat but fish once a week. Will it continue to work for both of us only time will tell and only God knows. Linda

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You might want to look into the herbal tea, Flor-Essence.I have two brothers that use it daily and so far the results have been good. That's to say, a very low Psa.I f you google it, a lot of info will come up. I had surgery in Feb., and so far things are tracking as I was told. No pads, no hard love :)I go for my next reading in Sep., and I probably will start on the tea for maintenance reasons. Good luck.

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go to www.stopcancertoday.com to read about Ukrain which is used in alternative cancer treatment.

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