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problems with the liver

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hello! thank u all who answer my mail!
There is a new problem that has occured during the treatment for colon cancer, at my boyfriend"s father. He has problems with the liver, cause he has an yellow color at the face, and he is very agitated also.
please tell me what he can do , or what drugs he can take to feel better!
that means that the liver was also affected by the colon cancer, or is just a side effect of the treatement( the chemoradiations)(he hasn't done the surgery yet)

thank u again

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HI Andreea,

I don't know the full situation here.....but if he is on Chemo, the chemicals can build-up in his system. The can affect his liver causing jaundice and general discomfort/aggitation.....but this is something that shouldn't be happening.....
Is he under a doctors care for these sife effects? If not, I would have you him or your boyfriend call the doc ASAP....
Our bodies can be strong but also quite fragile in terms of how much we can tolerate.
Best of luck.

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